You may believe in yourself... the skylark collective channelled by lesley curtis

You may believe yourself when you talk about your intention to be all that you can be.

That is all that can be asked of anyone, of any person; to be all that they can be. Some days that will be greater than others, sometimes it will be less.

That is nuance, it is natural. It is in the striving for perfection that perfection comes for in the striving, imperfection reigns.

If one is seeking the light, one will find the light. If one is seeking to be woeful, one will be woeful. If one is seeking to be optimistic, one will be optimistic. If one is seeking to be loving, one will be loving. If one is seeking to love the self in all its nuance, one will love the self in all its nuance. The process of life is to bring together the body and the Soul to one intention, so that one can be all that one can be.

You cannot be other than that. That is to be accepted. So intend ahead today to be all that you can be for that is indeed magnificent.

Well-being through Sound, Song, Voice and Meditation

For personally channelled words for yourself or as a gift for a friend, wherever you are in the world, contact Lesley.


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Lesley Curtis


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