Reliable polyurea waterproofing Tanking a basement storage room

This basement storage room was holding hundreds of vital documents for a law firm in the City of London. When leaks started to appear, ESW were appointed to spray-apply pure polyurea. The result was a sealed and watertight subterranean room, reliably tanked against further water ingress with Prokol pure polyurea.

In order to create an invisible waterproofing membrane, the paving blockwork was painstakingly lifted.
Following repairs and thorough preparation work, the pavement lights were sealed off to protect against any polyurea overspray in the final waterproofing and the surrounding area was primed with specialist products.
Prokol pure polyurea 136T was spray-applied in several passes to a DFT of approximately 2.5mm. Each coat takes approximately 10 seconds to dry, meaning that the waterproofing membrane is built up quickly and efficiently.
With the polyurea waterproofing membrane complete, the blockwork is reinstated. The waterproofing membrane is hidden, but performing very effectively to protect vital documents from damage whilst in storage beneath the ground.
Dependable, effective and efficient - polyurea is the gold standard in waterproofing

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