Reading Newsletter Eagle PrimarY school - september 2020

Welcome to the Eagle Primary Reading Newsletter for September - A New Beginning.

Welcome back to the Reading Newsletters for the new school year. It has been and no doubt will continue to be unusual times, but hopefully with the new term will begin to replace some more elements of normality and so with that, I hope that I can begin to inspire some reading choices again. There have been some absolutely wonderful new books released recently, to be combined with some more existing classics.

Summer has been a strange one for me, i have listened to more audiobooks than I have read 'paper' books which is a curious diversion for me - much as I enjoy them, I don't consume them as quickly as printed books.

There is no particular theme to this month's books and decided that there really didn't need to be one. So, the theme is Bloomin' Good Books! I hope that something her sparks your interest this month.

Thank you for reading.

Mr Watson

EYFS Book of the Month

Look Up! - Nathan Byron

Meet hilarious, science-mad chatterbox, Rocket - she's going to be the greatest astronaut, star-catcher, space-traveller that has ever lived!

But... can she convince her big brother to stop looking down at his phone and start LOOKING UP at the stars?

Bursting with energy and passion about science and space, this heart-warming, inspirational picture book will have readers turning off their screens and switching on to the outside world.

*Shortlisted for the Sainsbury's Children's Book Awards 2019*

"Outstanding - a breath of fresh air, just like Rocket herself" - Kirkus Reviews

"Energetic and with a wry, sweet take on family dynamics, it will alert readers to the mysteries of the night skies" - The Guardian

MR WATSON SAYS: This really is such a clever story. It is a brilliantly written book about Rocket, a young girl with a passion for the stars! I really enjoy stargazing myself, so this book was easily a hit for me. It is packed full of the kind of illustrations that I enjoy stopping and poring over. It also includes lots of space facts healthily scattered throughout. It'll have you staring into the night sky in no time!

Y2-4 Book of the Month

Jumbo: The Most Famous Elephant Who Ever Lived - Alexandra Stewart

This Book is Published on September 3rd 2020

Roll up! Roll up! And meet the incredible, the colossal, the world-famous . JUMBO!

Our story begins in 1860, in the mountains of East Africa, where a baby elephant struggles to his feet and takes his first shaky steps .

This is the deeply touching story of an elephant who captured the world's imagination, brought beautifully to life with enchanting storytelling and gorgeous artwork. Follow Jumbo's amazing journey from his remote home in the rugged mountains of East Africa and the time he spent delighting visitors with elephant rides and comedy routines at London Zoo. Be amazed by his spectacular stint in P.T. Barnum's 'Greatest Show on Earth' and how he led a herd of elephants across the newly-built Brooklyn Bridge to test its strength. Discover how Jumbo's remarkable life and legacy transformed our understanding and treatment of these magnificent creatures.

With a page-turning narrative by Alexandra Stewart and breathtakingly beautiful artwork by Emily Sutton, the true story of Jumbo's incredible life will fascinate young and old alike.

MR WATSON SAYS: I have been lucky enough to be able to read this one early. This is a fabulously illustrated true story of Jumbo the Elephant (This is where we get the word from!) An elephant who traveled the world from the mid-1860s, a time when people might only get to see an elephant once in their lives... if they were lucky! It combines the true account with delicate and emotive description of the life of Jumbo and those who cared about him during his life. Well worth the time spent sitting comfortably and shaing.

UKS2 Book of the Month

Orion Lost - Alastair Chisholm

The transport ship Orion is four months out of Earth when catastrophe strikes - leaving the ship and everyone on board stranded in deep space.

Suddenly it's up to thirteen-year-old Beth and her friends to navigate through treacherous and uncharted territory to reach safety. But a heavily-damaged ship, space pirates, a mysterious alien species, and an artificial intelligence that Beth doesn't know if she can trust means that getting home has never been so difficult...

Hugely gripping, with incredible twists and a fast-paced, action-packed story, this is an unputdownable science fiction adventure - perfect for fans of Mortal Engines and Star Wars.

"This tightly plotted romp about a group of teenagers who find themselves in charge of a heavily damaged spaceship is for the younger end of the YA market. A delight from beginning to end." - Sarah Hughes, The i

MR WATSON SAYS: Orion Lost is something a little bit special for me - top quality modern Sci-Fi for ages 9+. At this point I haven't finished the book, but I am recommending it already! Really enjoying the concept, characters and scenario. It will feel comfortable for Sci-Fi fans, but I am constantly waiting for the next twist... then it catches you unaware - unputdownable? Sounds about right to me! It is fast paced, full of action and adventure and just properly exciting read!

Author of the Month

Thomas Taylor

4 Books by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Thomas Taylor was born in Norfolk, England in 1973, but grew up in Wales. He attended Norwich Art School in 1991, before going on to specialise in illustration at Anglia University in Cambridge, graduating in 1995. After dabbling in Theatre design he decided to concentrate on children's books because he prefers the colours.

Since his first illustration job, the cover for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Bloomsbury), Thomas has contributed to and illustrated dozens of books, plus written and illustrated four: George and Sophies Museum Adventure, Orchard; The Loudest Roar, OUP; The Biggest Splash - OUP; and The Noisiest Night, OUP.

Thomas has recently moved from Cambridge to Normandy, France where he lives happily with his beautiful wife Célia and his little son Max. He still illustrates stories for children and loves reading them to his boy.

MR WATSON SAYS: Malamander has been a book on my list for a very long time and I was able to read it over the Summer, and then immediately moved onto the sequel Gargantis - both are wonderfully well crafted stories set in the peculiar Eerie-on-Sea, both have a bizarre cast of characters having equally bizarre and nautical adventures. Properly fantastic stories for ages 8 and up!

Your Recommendations...

What book adventures have you been on?

Of course this Newsletter shouldn't be just about my choices.

I would love to hear recommendations from you too.

If you have read and enjoyed a book and think that someone else might enjoy it too, then share the name of the book and author with me, along with a brief summary of the plot and why you think someone else would enjoy the book.

Share the love of books.

You can E-mail your ideas, recommendations and reviews to: mike.watson@eagle.lincs.sch.uk

Remember as always, reading is a beautifully subjective thing... if you don't like a book, think about why before giving up.

Might it be worth another chapter?

Do you understand what is happening?

Use these thoughts to shape your future choices.

Mr Watson

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