The Best of What Canada Has to Offer By: Jaskaran giran

It has been 150 years of Canada! Over the years, this country has developed into something very beautiful. All citizens of this country are proud Canadians. Here's why Canada is such a marvelous country.


Winter, spring, summer and autumn. These are the four seasons that Canada has that happen for a certain amount of period every year. Firstly, Canada has cold winters with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius ("Typical features of seasons") . Now this means there is snow throughout Canadian winter. The amount of snow depends on where you live. The days become shorter and the nights become much colder ("Typical features of seasons") . Next, spring is usually where the weather gets warms, snow starts to melt and plants start to grow back. The days start to become longer and warmer but the nights are still cold ("Typical features of seasons"). Thirdly, the summers in Canada are completely the opposite from winter. With temperatures that can reach to 30 degrees Celsius, it becomes very hot and dry ("Typical features of seasons"). Lastly, autumn is a season where the leaves turn brown and start to fall. The days start to become shorter again and the weather is sometimes dry and sometimes wet ("Typical features of seasons") . Overall, the seasons of Canada give Canadians a variety of different weathers throughout the year.

The change of seasons makes Canada a great place to live in. This is because there are a number of different activities you can do throughout the year. For example, in the winter it may be cold, but there is a variety of activities you can do that you cannot do in other countries such as snowboarding, skiing, skating or something as simple as building a snowman. In the summer, it is completely opposite. Canadians get to enjoy the outdoors much more without having to dress up for the weather. This allows them to take walks, play outdoor sports, visit the beach or just go to the park to have a fun time. The different seasons allow Canadians to experience all types of activities that not all countries get to witness. Canadians never get fed up with any of the seasons because there is always a change in them allowing everyone to enjoy the weather sometime throughout the year, making seasons a great part of Canada.


Canada is a country which welcomes everyone and accept people from any race or ethnicity. To begin with, our Prime Minister heavily believes in the concept of welcoming anyone who wants to be a part of this beautiful country. For example, when President Donald Trump had banned Muslims from entering the country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks out this on twitter, welcoming everyone that banned to Canada (Gsandeman). Justin Trudeau truly believes that people from different races and ethnicities make up the power of Canada has (Gsandeman). Next, Canada was the first country to establish multiculturalism as a part of Canada ("Canadian Multiculturalism: An Inclusive Citizenship"). Finally, Canada is a country that hold many ethnic origins. For example, in the National Household Survey (NHS), about 200 ethnic origins in Canada recorded ("Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada"). To summarize, this country holds a lot of importance to many races and ethnicities that come from around the entire world.

The level of acceptance our country holds creates "home" for anyone who needs it the most. Even my parents came to Canada as immigrants and are now proud Canadians with a place to call home. Not only Canadians, but people from around the world are lucky to have such great opportunities to move in and create a life they want for themselves. If Canada did not believe in multiculturalism, then my parents wouldn't a opportunity to build such a beautiful life for themselves. There are countries out there that are going through some unfortunate circumstances but, with a country like Canada, they can still have hope for a new home. The diversity in Canada is what makes Canada such an exceptional country.


Last but not least, the Canadian government is a government that believes in fairness and equality for each and every citizen. Firstly, the benefits that the Canadian government gives its citizens allows everyone to have a chance for a very successful and healthy life. In fact, all Canadians have free education and healthcare which allows everyone to get educated and to live longer lives ("Government"). Secondly, our country's government is a Parliamentary Democracy which means the people of the country get to decide who runs the government ("Government"). Finally, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes sure all Canadians receive equality and their rights and freedoms ("Good Things About Canada's Political Systems" ). To conclude, the government of Canada is one of the major reasons why more and more people want to be a part of this country.

The concept of our government is that the country is the people. This means that the people get to decide the path their country will go in. This is fantastic for a country because the country will never go in the wrong path because Canadians have the chance to influence the future of our country. Also, the free education makes sure this country's future will always be in the right hands because everyone is educated. Free healthcare will assure that most Canadians will live long and healthy lives so each Canadian has the chance to experience life to its fullest extent. Our country assures that equality, rights and freedom is granted for each citizen, making Canada a very peaceful country. The government truly cares about all citizens and give each of them to have a bright future.


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