Chapter 14 Lesson 3 By Jamie Carrick

1. Anson Jones was a doctor from Brazoria and a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto. 2. In the election of 1844, the Republic was divided.
3. Voters either supported or opposed Sam Houston - there was no middle ground. 4. Anson jones won the election easily.
5. Jones had served in the Texas Congress and as Secretary of State under Houston. 6. Some citizens claimed that Jones would not have won the election on his own.
7. Jones continued Houston's policy of limited goverment spending. 8. By 1845 the value of Texas currency in many parts of the republic became equal to U.S. Currency.
9. During his first month in office, Jones kept silent on the issue of annexation. 10. Jones wanted Texas to have the option of becoming part of there neighbor to the north.


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