The Answer is Up By: Mia Fishman

As the Church teaches us, butter is a gift from God. So it comes as no surprise that God doesn't want butter to go to waste. We've proven that beyond any doubt. If you drop a buttered piece of bread it will land butter side up more often then butter side down. Now, we all would think otherwise (I know I did), but when the research was constructed, I, and many others, were astonished. Almost everyone thought the bread would land on the butter side down all the time. After 15 drops the bread landed butter side up 8 times and butter side down 7 times. Saving the butter more than half the time is certainly the work of the Lord.

It is definitely hard to believe new circumstances and just stay in the old way of how the universe works but, it is time to create a new reality based on what we can prove.


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