Cavaliers English Monarchy

This is a war fought by us, the Cavaliers, against our enemies, the dirty round-heads in England. Who's going to win?

During the English civil war
First off, let's talk about the set rules. They are known as the petition of right made by the Parliament. Rules could not be broken, our enemies, the crooked rats, lead parliament.
This is Charles I. He never liked Parliament.

Puritan leaders took over Parliament. That is what we wanted control over.


Nobles and landowners made up our team. We fought against the Roundheads which were made up of Parliament and puritans.

Cavaliers against the Roundheads
Just a little bit about the roundheads, they were part of the Protestant church. Their goal was to remove all Catholic rituals and have of their influence in the church.
The Roundheads

So while the Roundheads wanted their influence, we stayed loyal to the king. Our king was King Charles, and we followed the catholic beliefs.

Charles I becomes King Charles

We were lead by Charles. They were led by Oliver Cromwell.

This is Oliver Cromwell.
Charles used the military to take over England. And Cromwell used the military to take over Parliament.
English Civil War

Sadly, we lost and our leader, Charles I, went bye-bye. Cromwell got the power he always wanted.

The Roundheads won.

England is a Commonwealth/ Republic. In other words, they are now a country in charge of themselves.

Because the Roundheads won, they changed England.

The End.


Written by Sani Murati and Christine Strobel

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