Counterfeit 3D Scanner Laurana Crabb, Anna xie, Molly Lamendola

What we're selling

We are selling a 3D scanner that will detect counterfeits. The device would be able to detect things like stitching, logos, sizing and design and compare it to certified, non counterfeited goods.


We would charge $850. The cost of manufacturing is around $500.

Target Audience

Our main target would be store owners or people that collect things. It would help not only in America, but all over the world. We created this to solve the Counterfeit problem.

The Counterfeit Problem

In 2015, the US alone seized 28,865 crates of counterfeit goods. The global counterfeit market is estimated to earn half a trillion dollars every year, most of it from China.

3 reasons to buy our products

It scans very fast, in only 5-10 seconds.

Very helpful for shipping companies, so they do not accidentally export counterfeited products.

It's intended for Counterfeit Police.


How does it work? It scans the item and finds out what company made it, if it uses the right materials, and if it was made by the actual company.

Does it need WiFi to function? You need WiFi in order to upload information, but otherwise it can operate without internet.

What are we asking for? 25-30% share in the company for 500,000


A 3D scanner, and programming technology. Estimated cost $600

The 3D Model

Front View
Side View

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