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Today we will be talking about how information technology can assist your business, in particular social media, websites and intranets.

Everything has a purpose, and often every change we make will have a side effect - good or bad.

Social media

This has fundamentally shifted business. Recently we were able to A/B test a store trading day. They had multiple outlets, extended their trading. Only used social media to promote it. It worked.

People want expediency now more than anything. Social media is a long game and can be a short game too but its SOCIAL - it's all about connecting with audiences, building trust and staying in touch.

Nurturing the relationship so that when they're ready to buy they think of you.

In today's fragmented world of marketing its too expensive to throw out mass marketing - it's just too hit and miss - the right message to the right audience at the right time on the right channel for the right price.

Right message - you need to know what's important to your audience

Right audience - just focus on your perfect customers not everyone.

Right time - when are your audience most likely to consume that info and what are they likely doing when it's sent. Are they sitting on the couch or waiting to pick kids up from school?

Right channel - Facebook Instagram snap chat Twitter Google+ (oh wait no one’s using Google +) Pinterest, LinkedIn... People have their favourite ways to consume info, so we can make the content that fits the audience preference.

At the right price - of course advertising is available on most channels... And we want to get the message to people for the lowest cost. Lowest cost will always come from the content that's best organically.

Remember social media is all about accelerating word of mouth

We mustn't leave out search here though. When someone is ready to buy you need to be found. If you don't exist in a search then you don't exist.

The sense project and the tourism project was fascinating. Being able to understand passenger movement and get a good idea of passenger dispersal patterns dependent on which port they arrived in.

This informs everything from tourism marketing to which roads need more investment.

The following clip provides some key data about social media and the impact it is having around the world.

The Social Media Revolution 2016 | 4.25 mins

So now you have an idea of the impact social media is having the following clip provides some reasons why you should consider adopting social media into your business.

Social Media for businesses | Watch until 1.25 mins

Sometimes it can be hard to gauge what sort of impact marketing is having on your business. Using social media as marketing tool, the following clip illustrates how you can gauge the return on investment when using social media.

Social Media Metrics (4.59 mins) and Analyzing Social Media ROI (3.32 mins)


Obviously mobile ready... but there's been a shift in how you pay for this investment.

Invest in a good site then keep adding on, rather than buy one that's perfect but don't update it for five years. User experience is critical. It should immerse instead of only being a knowledge panel. A website should constantly evolve not something where you buy a new one every four years.

One of the key strategies for organisations to engage with social media is to drive traffic back to their website, where potential customers can find out more detailed information about the product or service they are seeking. The following clip provides some other reasons why a website is important to your business.

The importance of a website for your business | 2.27 mins


I have four areas to smart business. Refine | engage | slight | accelerate.

Intranets are mostly about engaging. Making sure you get a delightful customer experience by ensuring your staff not only know what's happening, but that they feel included and engaged in the journey.

The important thing to remember when developing an intranet is that it must appeal to everyone! Logical for those sorts of people and vibrant for the creatives.

Please watch the following clip that highlights the benefits of having an intranet.

Why every organisation needs an intranet? | Watch until 1.40 mins

So in closing, what does digital mean to business?

Fragmentation - we can no longer reach our audience in one or two ways,

The need to outsource - because it's hard to have all the skill sets for all that fragmentation inside a business,

To have to really plan - because doing all these things without a good strategy that connects everything together is massively wasteful

And we need to think effectively about how we use echolocation to enhance the customer experience - if you don't a competitor could blow you out of the water if they use technology better that you.

Technology is never the destination - we don't install something because it's cool - we install it because it's a force multiplier. For its existence it needs to make us more effective.

To finish off please watch the following interviews with Marketing Manager of Tourism Northern Tasmania, Sarah Cannell as she provides some insight into the value of social media.



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