ShanghaiPainter Disneyland 2014 - 2016

My two years working on the new Shanghai Disneyland finished last summer.

The facts: 1000 acre site, 15 years in the planning, 5 years in the building, 10,000 workers on site, US$5.5billion cost,

Grand Opening 16th June 2016

In Spring 2014 I helped set up training courses to teach hundreds of Chinese art students the scenic painting skills which Disney use to decorate the castles, mountains and villages that make up a Disneyland.

A few of the paint teams

Painting on site began in Autumn 2014 and my role as the Lead Field Art Director of 'Fantasyland', was to manage and art direct the scenic painting - on the largest scale imaginable. Scupltors carved the surfaces using special cement and our Chinese painters got to work following samples that my team of Disney scenic specialists and I created.

It took 18 months to paint all the attractions and over the last few weeks we have been applying the finishing touches. It's hard to believe, but nearly every conversation with the Chinese workforce and management has been through interpreters. It has been the experience of a lifetime.

Demonstrating how to turn cement into wood. Everything starts as grey cement and we bring it to life.
At times there were 250 painters and artists in Fantasyland, and up to 800 park wide


The Shanghai skyline

Some of our smiley painters

Nearing the end of construction

The evening fireworks

One of our 'rock' painting teams

The Little Mermaid

I have learnt so many things: most importantly - that I am too old to play 6-a-side football with 25 year olds....

...that I will miss the sunrise from my apartment...and that our office puppies look cute in 'hi vis'.

My family have loved their trips here during the school holidays; sunset on The Bund, ancient water towns and handstands in the park...

Please remember to contact me for any of your paint, colour and decoration needs. You can visit the link below to see pictures of past projects.

Colour and decoration consultation ▫️ Beautiful and unusual paint finishes ▫️ Historic print rooms and restoration ▫️ Painted kitchens and furniture

Art direction and team management for theme parks

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