Non- Fiction By: Eliana Maurer

Intro to non-fiction

Non Fiction is real events and facts, and is different than fiction. Fiction is made up while, o the other hand, nonfiction is real.

Text Features

Non Fiction also has different text features than fiction, like the ones shown above.

Examples of Non- Fiction

Magazines and Newspapers can be non-fiction

Real Non- Fiction Book

Newspaper and magazines are examples of non fiction. Although some may have biased opinions, others are non biased and tell you whats happening now, and facts about current things.

Books are nonfiction too. But, be careful because some are fiction-fake. The book above- No summit out of sight- is nonfiction. Its about a real boy and his journey to climb mount Everest, and what it felt like to be the youngest person to do it.

Things you cannot have in a Non-fiction text

Non- Fiction can have absolutely no opinion. Non-fiction is about the truth and facts, and whats real. If you put your opinion in there you can change the facts, or persuade somebody to be on another side-depending on what is written.
Nonfiction - again- is real. The facts cannot be made up in your head, they have to be real. Such as if you're writing a research report on keeping dogs healthy, you don't wan't to put false information. That can eventually lead to serious situations, depending on what you writing.

Differences between Fiction and Nonfiction

As the graph shows above, these are the differences between fiction and nonfiction. Make sure you don't get the two confused the next time you're looking for a book or writing a paper.

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