Help wanted By: Zac Startzman

In India there are many call centers which mostly help people in America with there tech problems. These people go through months of training to become an call center worker. They have to learn how to speak without there accent and they also have to learn to know how to deal with there customers problem within a couple minutes.

India is second in the world for population and they have a population of 1.2 billion people. Behind China and in front of United States. 32.7% of the people in India live in urban area. I'm standing outside of the answer which is an Indian call center in New Delhi. An amproximite of 1,000,000 people work here but only 1,000 working a shift. Let's go inside.

Inside there is at least 1,000 people here. There's is at least 10,000 people on hold. The thing is these people go through a decent amount of training. The training is acutely pretty good because they learn how to speak without there accent and to figure out to fix there customers problem.

Next the way that there population is that most of there population is kids. 27% of the worlds kid population is India. India is second with total population but first in total kid population. Also India's population pyramid is basically a pyramid becusae most of there population is children.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure in this call center. Hope you learned something. Bye.

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