As this half term draws to a close we thought we'd share another selection of lockdown stories. I hope that you have a good half term break and that you enjoy the break from home learning.

Jim Parker, Principal.

Lord grey can

To all Students, Parents, Carers and Guardians,

Thank you for all your hard work and effort this half term with remote education. It certainly shows that Lord Grey Can. All of us are proud of every member of our community and wish you a happy half term. Be safe. Stay home.

A reminder - The live lessons timetable becomes live after half term.

Mrs Satyanadhan and Mrs Murphy


Hello Colossus House!

Thank you for all your wonderful emails and messages, we have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to and love the memes and photographs you send. The real highlight of our week is when staff from across all faculties here at Lord Grey let us know how great our Colossus House Students are, two of which we are sharing here.

  • Marissa - immaculate engagement record! Superb effort green every week.
  • Jack - good improvement to online engagement. Keep up the hard work!

Mr Killen puts all students who get all green engagement into a random prize draw and so we'd like to offer our congratulations to Ella, who won a £10 Amazon voucher in the prize draw!

We also had this amazing Hand drawn TRex from Harry! It's Amazing!

pet of the fortnight

We had some great photos as entries for our Pet of the Fortnight. Pictured above are Lacey's dogs Joey (White) and Chillie (Brown), Charlie (the cat) and Bonnie (the Rabbit) who belong to Ella, Gigi who belongs to Hollie and Lily, Bella a Japanese Akita who belongs to Tegan and Lola a 5 year old Dalmatian and Charlie a working cocker spaniel who is 1 and belong to Harry!

Our winner this fortnight is Morgan's new kitten Lola!

breaking news!

Ms Whalley had some amazing news in her inbox, that she couldn't wait to share. As she took part in the virtual Virgin Money London Marathon, The 40th Race, last October she is now a Guinness World Record title holder and officially amazing!

Congratulations Ms Whalley!

Enjoy relaxing this half term



Miss Hussey and Ms Whalley, Colossus House


Hello Enigma Heroes!

All term we have been getting emails from teachers and tutors telling us how you are smashing your online learning. We are so proud of you and the efforts you are making, so make sure you relax this half term, you deserve a break!

We had a great email from Miss Kean let us know about Tait, in year 10 who has gone absolutely above and beyond in her Dance work. Tait you are an absolute star!

We have seen a huge improvement towards Virtual Learning from Beverley and we are all so very proud of all your efforts. Keep up the hard work, stay focused and reach for the stars.

Kacey made an amazing pizza and we're not just saying that because Mrs Dunn is a Tottenham fan! Well done Kacey, the pizza looks fantastic, it was an outstanding effort and very worthy of a Head of House Award!

Vanessa, year 11, has been showing a positive attitude to her learning so much so that Mr Greenwood sent her and us an email about her amazing work and attutitude and said her work was "of the highest quality". You are a credit to Enigma House Vanessa!

Mr Greenwood also let us know about Logan, year 8 and how impressed he is with the work Logan has done done during the current lockdown. Well done Logan, an Enigma Hero!

Scarlett year 9, completed some amazing research for her Computing lesson and made some incredible notes. We are so proud of your efforts Scarlett, keep the work up!

We have a picture here of Edie and Noah working hard doing their Virtual Learning together. Noah has been helping his little sister, and that's what our Enigma House captains do, showing kindness and being caring and supportive.

Cameron has completed some amazing DT Work, with it being shared around the DT Department because of how outstanding it is.

Well done Alex on being awarded a certificate from The Languages department for all your hard work and commitment to the subject.

Not only a Enigma Hero but also a fantastic Enigma House Captain

Jamie has been busy creating with his Dad. We are so proud of him and his technical ability. What an outstanding young mind our Enigma hero has. And we're sure that other students and staff will be just as impressed with his building skills as we are!

Gethin's ragdoll cat called Twinkle Toes who helps him with his online learning every day...

Looks like Twinkle Toes is a highly intelligent pet who enjoys learning, so keep up the hard work Gethin and you too Twinkle Toes!

Madison also has a picture of her Cat helping with her online learning, or in this case distracting her!

Bethany in year 8 has also found that her pets can be distracting too, so she's swapped them for a toy dog as they move around less! Bethany you're a superstar for working so hard and what a great smile too!


Mrs Dunn and Mrs Kirby, Enigma House


Hello Lorenz House,

Half term is finally here!!

Well done for sticking at the online work, please keep going after half term and remember that more live lessons will be available after the break, so please make the most use of them.

Myself and Mr Crook would like to wish you all a fabulous break and hope you will rest up and have as much fun as possible.

We understand that we are all so limited with the things we can actually do with our free time at the moment, have fun but please stay safe.

Cailtin, year 7, celebrated Burns Night by making some Cuddly looking Wild Haggis and a Sweet Haggis too. It looks absolutely fabulous, well done Caitlin!

Zara, year 10, created this amazing picture of a Peacock. What a talent she has!

Caroline, year 9, created this powerful piece of art.

After seeing all the wonderful bakes you are making at home, Mrs Bowen was inspired to do some baking too, creating some sweet treats.

Send in pictures of your baking creations to us, just like Hannah, year 7, who made these awesome Rock Cakes for her DT work.

Hannah let us know that they tasted yummy despite not having left any for us!

And we are so proud of Lizzie, year 8 who achieved a Grade 8 in her Russian GCSE exam taken last october!

For those of us who don't speak Russian, we've been assured that says

"Excellent, Well done"

We miss you and look forward to seeing you all again in person one day soon.

Be Awesome, Big smiles and Laugh lots.

Mrs Bowen and Mr Crook, Lorenz House


Hello Turing House,

We are so proud of all the effort you have put in to your virutal schooling. We can see that you have really been working hard and we are so pleased that so many of you feature in the Pages of Praise.

Make sure that you relax this half term, and are ready to work just as hard when we come back and please do keep sending us your pictures and emails. Just like Habiba, pictured here with her cat Oscar, who loves all the attention he gets from Habiba!

Daniel, year 7 has been really busy learning lots of new skills during lockdown!.

Wanting to organise his PlayStation controllers, wires and headphones, Daniel began the process of researching, designing and making a brilliant controller stand. With his plan in hand, Daniel set to work, supported by his skilled grandad, carefully measuring and cutting the wood to create the individual pieces before assembling all the parts - Daniel confidently used a variety of tools to complete his project, including observing his grandad using an electric saw. Although the saw was difficult to use at times, Daniel persevered and worked carefully and accurately to ensure that his work was well constructed.

Overall, Daniel completed his project over the course of a week, around his remote learning - Daniel's hard work, care and patience is clear to see in his final work. I'm sure we all agree that he has produced an incredible final product!

We are so impressed with your work - well done, Daniel!! - Ms Cantle

Gracie and Lily took part in a Tutor Time Challenge to find items for every colour of the rainbow.

We think they did a brilliant job, and want to try this at home ourselves now!

We set all Turing students a challenge to create a woodland elf and here is the winner, his name is Twigwich and he was made by Andrei in Year 8.

Leontino, year 10, has been working hard on his artwork both in his free time and during his art lessons.

What amazing talent he has! We can't wait to see more.

We miss seeing you in school everyday and hope to see you all soon.


Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown, Turing House

Duke of edingburgh skill building

Lia, Annabelle and Sophia are three year 9 students who have decided to improve their cooking skills as part of their Duke of Edinburgh, Bronze Award.

We think you can agree that these makes look amazing!


The green group, who are in school every day, decided to come together as a group and complete the Music challenge to create their own percussion music using only kitchen items.

The students brought in a few things (and used other items found around the classroom) to create their own musical performance. 

Poetry Competition

This competition is for students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and the closing date is the 22nd February 2021.


We like to recognise the efforts our students have made, with recognition sent home in the form of postcards, emails, phone calls and certificates. Staff wanted to bring special notification to these students for their continued efforts.

Execeptional art work

These pieces of Art have been submitted over the last term and have been selected as exceptional.

Congratulations to Luis, Ella, Baylee, Lewis, Zakira, Rory, Kacey, Shania, Wiktoria, Kayla, Mellisa, Amy, Elise, Leontino and Baylee who are the students who created them.

Spanish Lockdown legends

These are the Spanish Lockdown Legends from this Term that have been working very hard & producing outstanding work.

Terri-Alisha, Desiree, Baylee, Lucy, Taiya-Loiuse, Kieran, Amber, Riley, Mia, Gary, Lily, Lily, Divine, Evie, Mehrin, Aleena, Abigail, Eva, Grace, Luke, Charlie, Alfie, Josh, Joshua, Tymoni, Rosie, Veer, Ryan, Ellie, Jamie, Lewis, Charlie, Cameron, Amina, Suma, Logan, Anjali, Shaki, Lukas, Suzannah, Akleema, Ruth, Bella, Ellie, Aemilia, Elise, Jessica, Joshua, Isabelle, Prarthana, Sharan, Chloe, Safa, Erin, Ethan, Abid, Noah, Rayhan, Ceryis, Nina, Freddie & Sophie!


Half-term Activities

If you're stuck for something to do this Half Term, here are some suggestions! Don't forget to send in any photos of things you create to your tutor or Head of House and they may be featured in our next newsletter!

Offset Projects

Offset Projects is a Milton Keynes based charitable organisation with a focus on the local, regional, and national perspective of young communities. We work in collaboration with youth, educational, and cultural partners to provide creative environments which unlock potential, and challenge adversity and inequality.

They are offering free on-line 45 minute taster workshops designed to help students in years 11, 12 and 13 learn about leadership and support them in being active citizens in their local area.

If you are in Years 11, 12 or 13 and have an interest in any of the following please follow the link and get involved.

  • Architecture, Building and planning
  • Business, Management and Administration
  • Creative Arts, Music, Design Technology
  • Economics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Film, Cinematics and Photography
  • Politics
  • Social Studies


  • Head of House - Colossus: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Enigma: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Lorenz: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Turing: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups

If you would like to let us know of any changes to your contact details, please email our Registrar using the following email address registrar@lordgrey.org.uk.

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