Church Education by:Amos

Did you know that back then kids didn't have notebooks to do their homework? They actually used horn-books to write down numbers, letters, and do their homework. Back then although girls could read, they weren't allowed to go to grammar school or to college unless they were Quakers.There is so much to learn about colonial education.

Teachers taught boys math and other subject for them to go to college.In the Southern Colonies school aged kids were home schooled or their parents would hire a tutor.

In New England parents believed that their children should learn to be christian.Since then parents taught their children to read so the can read the bible.

All right so lets talk about manners so if you sneeze or cough or sigh or yawn do it quietly and privately and when you yawn put your hand on your face and turn to the side.You cant read any letters,books,or paper inside companies or when there's Necessity you must ask leave.

When you sit make sure your feet is firm and even without crossing them.Shift yourself so your facing them and don't chew your nails.Think before you speak not imperfectly and don't bring out your words too hastily.

In the southern colonies kids were home schooled and in new England parents taught their children hot to read so they read the bible.Kids back then didn't have notebooks to do their homework in they actually used horn book which is made up of wooden paddle with a sheet of vellum.Remember too sit with your feet firm.


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