The Civil Rights Movement Ch. 13 Lesson 1

1. To boycott means to refuse use.

2. Civil disobedience is the refusal to disobey laws that are considered unjust.

3. To integrate means to bring races together.

4. Discrimination is unfair treatment, particularly based on race.

5. Civil has to do with citizens and their government.

6. James Farmer and George Houser founded the Congress of Racial Equality in Chicago in 1942.

7. CORE protesters helped end segregation in many public places in big cities. 

8. On May 17, 1954, the Court ruled that separating schoolchildren by race went against the constitution.

9. In 1957, a judge ordered an all white school in Little Rock Arkansas, to admit African Americans.

10. The SCLC leaders were there to prepare African Americans for the struggle for equal rights.


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