HOW TO VISIT the iguazú National Park?


You can travel by plane, by car or use the buses that take you to the park. The transports happen in every moment, you do not have to worry about the transport in case you do not take car.

PUERTO IGUAZU IS A DUMP Considering that Puerto Iguazu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Argentina, the town leaves much to be desired. Other popular tourist towns in Argentina – Bariloche, Cafayate, El Calafate, Ushuaia, are solid cities. They have great infrastructure for tourism and in general felt on par with similar places in Europe or the U.S. Puerto Iguazu feels much more like a developing country, only restaurants and souvenir shops line the streets, most hotels are in urgent need of renovation, and there were many child beggars walking barefoot from table to table all day throughout town.

waterfall from Iguazú Nacional Park
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Jose Maria Aguilar Leon


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