I have a story to tell... ...and your business needs you to get it right!

We know your pain... timelines, expense and no ability to calculate ROI on investment for new visuals. That's changed.

Are you sure?

We create visual solutions and campaigns that get results. With your people, facilities and products, these are not just stock images that do not represent your vision/mission or business.

Why Strategic Media?

Change your perspective!

Businesses have stories with people, ideas, and products that evolve with ever changing goals and ambitions. Great visuals tell the stories that connect! And that is just the beginning... It is where we turn stories into solutions, solutions that work!

Stories + Moments = Connections

We are visual storytellers... With the tools and team to make you stand out!

If you look at good video and stills, as too expensive, you are putting your brand at risk. If you do not track and calculate the payback, you are missing the opportunity to change the conversation from "expensive media", to "investment" in media with amazing an ROI. Your clients and stakeholders see the difference. It sets you apart and at peer level with "global" partners.

Whether your business is small, mid size, large or multi-national, you have similar problems. Get a succinct message out to your customers, vendors and community at large. B2B vs B2C is a change in platform and message, but at essence, the same problem.

Great visuals put your staff, your facilities, your products + services in front of people in their best light. Share with your stakeholders how you have been heroes for others. Tell them the stories of how you changed their world!

What does passion look like in your venture?

Have Them Care!

Any industry: Health Care, Hospitality, Manufacturing or Service... they all have amazing stories. What is your best story?

One step at a time...

It's a journey for a business or an organization to bring services or products to market, to vision, design and create them, and then deploy the resources and people to make them come alive. Illustrating and portraying this story in a compelling and inviting way is our job.
Let the Heroes of your venture shine.

Visual Solutions for Business to: Inspire + Impress + Inform

My name is Kevin Anderson

I just wanted to introduce myself. I moved to Greenville about 4 years ago. My name is Kevin Anderson and I own Strategic Media, a visual solutions production company. I am a cinematographer, still photographer + visual storyteller working for clients around the world for over 20 years.

We create visuals that engage the imagination!
So, I think I need new visuals for my website and marketing campaigns... How do I start?

You need to excite or surprise the people looking at your visuals.

A remarkable story is written well before the cameras roll. For us, this comes from our passion for listening, for finding the heart of the story, and in our drive to make every story we tell, the best story we've ever told.

Each image has a story. Each story touches many lives. What story do want told about your business?

We work both with agencies and direct clients, finding the stories that matter, the images that connect.
Design it... Build it... Appreciate it...
Sometimes, the story is about how it makes you feel...
Sometimes, the story is in the eyes...
Do you need a Heroic shot?
Video is the most common and compeling way to tell your story. Look at your story as a "campaign", an ongoing narrative with all types of media that promotes and expands your brands "presence" in the marketplace.

Klinton Kraft Music Video

ING Overview video

Working in conjunction with our teammates at Brand in Motion, we created this overview piece.

Greenville Women Giving

Working in conjunction with our teammates at Brand in Motion, we created this video.

Pavement Exchange

Jones Naturals Pet food

BDV Solutions

Priority 1 Merger Video

Canyon Ranch, Tucson: Overview

More Sample Social Media Promos

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Let us help you create:

  • Campaigns for branding or product launches
  • Still photos for websites and collateral materials
  • Branding or marketing videos
  • Training videos
  • Corporate communication materials
  • Employee recruiting and retention materials
  • Social media content and videos
  • Broadcast media
  • Case studies / microsites (for specific products/services/locations)

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