Pi Day at LVSI MathLab at Infinity and SOJO high schools celebrated Pi-day by organizing a competition to memorize the most digits of pi.

The rules of competition were simple:

  • recite the most digits of pi
  • in the correct order
  • in two tries.

The award was a real Apple PI-E!

In MathLab's first period, Jasmine who is a freshman, was against stiff competition: Carlos, a sophomore.

Carlos was able to amass 24 digits in his memory. It was an admirable feat to accomplish within 30 minutes.

Despite of having a senior competitor, Jasmine managed to memorize 26 digits and won the


In MathLab's sixth period, the competition turned HOT!

Jezreel managed to recite 56 digits in the correct order!

Victor tied with Jezreel at exactly 56 digits.

A head-to-head PI-off was inevitable.

What followed was an astounding demonstration of competitiveness and magnitude of human memory.

Victor managed to store additional 24 digits of pi in his short-term-memory reaching a whooping total of 80 digits.

Jezreel followed close at 62 digits.

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