Dear Minister Umbridge, a letter from a concerned student

How are you? Have you been keeping out of trouble? I do hope this message reached you quickly - my owl is growing rather old.

have not heard of you since you disappeared into the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts in book 7…

but that is beside the point.

I hear you have been hired as the new Minister of Uniformity here at Forest Ridge! Congratulations!

Now, I know that you believe that school uniforms create a better learning environment for your students, whose well-being you are very concerned with. I agree with you whole heartedly! However, punishing students who violate dress code by letting them wear clothing other than their prescribed uniform is simply not the right move. A baggy yellow t-shirt would just make them happy, and we certainly don't want that, do we? Additionally, I would like to give you the run down on the type of students who attend Forest Ridge. I promise you whole heartedly that we are (almost) all wonderful young ladies who (almost) never cause mischief. I am aware that you worked at Hogwarts as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher briefly and were shocked at the impolite and surly nature of your fifth year students. In case you don't remember, please enjoy this short recording of your first day in class.

Wow, that Harry Potter guy, he's trouble, I can tell. Anyways, consider how terribly those Hogwarts kids acted. Jeez. I can assure you that FR girls would never conduct themselves in that way. At Hogwarts, a strict uniform policy was OBVIOUSLY necessary.

However, at FR there is no need for such strict uniformity. Uniforms are just lovely as they are. You'll come to this conclusion yourself of course, as I am certain that you are just as amazingly smart as I've heard. Still, let me just summarize why Forest Ridge school uniforms don't need to be changed. Firstly, uniforms keep FR students punctual because we do not have to put together an outfit every day. That takes forever, as you know. FR girls simply don't have the capacity to pick out a stylish outfit every single day as you do!

Just a few of your super stylish outfits!

According to a muggle survey taken in 2013,

". . . over 90% of US school leaders believe school uniform or formal dress code policies 'eliminate wardrobe battles with kids,' make it 'easier to get kids ready in the morning,' and create a 'time saving in the morning'" (

Increasing the strictness of the uniform policy would make it difficult for us to wear our uniform every day because we would constantly have to wash our school clothes. This would completely defeat the purpose of uniforms all together.

Next, as found in a muggle survey also taken in 2013 by the National Association of School Principals (NASP),

" . . . 84% of school leaders said uniforms make 'a significant, positive impact on peer pressure,' and 64% said uniforms reduce bullying" (

Of course, you are against any sort of bad behaviour, and telling lies, goes hand in hand with bullying and peer pressure. Therefore, these things are unacceptable! We absolutely wouldn't want something awful like peer pressure or bullying going on in our school. It just would not be right, would it dear Dolores?

Lastly, in addition to spreading happiness among students by allowing them to wear something other than uniform (they don't mind wearing the gaudy yellow t-shirt - anything but an uncomfortable polo!), making them wear a "shame suit" will take away from their education.

Former U.S. Secretary of State, muggle Hillary Clinton advocated for school uniforms in 2008. She supported them because she believed that they took

' . . . [clothing choices] off the table and put the focus on school, not on what you're wearing'" (

Students wearing "shame suits" would just be a distraction from your amazing teaching anyways, the very thing that uniforms are trying to prevent!

My dear Minister Umbridge, I hope you see my point. You cannot deny that your new uniform policy would completely destroy all things valuable at our lovely school, Forest Ridge. Our current uniform policy is just fine as it is!

Have a lovely day,

Violet B.

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