What is the meaning of dreams? BY: Sophie Wyckoff

The meaning of dreams

This article provided multiple information about my genius hour question. Some of this information included that Egyptians believed that dreams meant that you possessed power. Also it stated that you don't remember a good dream because so many good dreams in one night. Good dreams, usually don't mean you get money or win a dog. Good dreams usually include not dieing or family or friends death. When you have a bad dream/ nightmare, you remember all the details. You remember this because your brain needs to work and your body is actually thinking you’re part of the dream in real life. You only have a bad dream/ nightmare ones a month.

Dreams regulate emotions and incoprate them into long term memory. Violent dreams or nightmares prepare us for real life danger.

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Dreams are created by the part of your brain that stores memories, emotions, and thoughts. Your dreams is blending all of what you have been thinking about. For about an 90 minutes- 2 hours every night, every single person on earth dream.“Dreams are a universal language, creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts,” explains Suzanne Bergmann, a licensed social worker and professional dream worker for more than 16 years.


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