Theory of Evolution ALia Madrial

Although the outcome was a little peculiar, Darwin proposed his theory through natural selection and evolution.

  • Natural selection is when organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive easier
  • If the animal can't adapt to their environment, they won't be able to survive
  • Members of the same species may fail to adapt
  • Birds have similar beaks
  • Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth
  • Species have the same bones and characteristics so we can assume they are the same
  • Humans are similar to apes
  • The apes and cave men evolved into something more
  • Other philosophers made their own theories as a spinoff to Darwin's
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Showed that man is the only animal for whom existence is a problem that he has to solve by his own choice and from which he cannot escape
  • George Levine
  • First purpose is to state Darwin's writing was very different from his theory
  • Second purpose is to state Darwin's writing and his theories create a bleak and nihilistic vision of the natural world
  • Shocked the Victorian Era
  • Turning point for scientists in the victorian era
  • Biggest theory during this time

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