Church & Main Taking the next step

GOAL Church & Main has done a fabulous job marketing their social media. From Facebook to Twitter the company keeps their customers up to date with all of the events coming up, great drinks to try and specials on the menu. The next step Church & Main should take is creating an Instagram account for their loyal customers to follow. With this goal, the company has the potential to further their social media experience by putting a picture to a name with the Instagram account. Customers can take pictures of their meals and drinks and tag the Church & Main Instagram page which can allow them to repost a customer's picture. Social Media marketing should be directed to all audiences of different age groups and by creating an Instagram page, the marketing goal can be reached.

Outside view of the venue

Campaign I would propose posts for the regular drink and food menu to show viewers the actual product so they know what they are getting in advance and excited to order from the menu. I would also propose posts on the account about the staff members and their drinks of choice. This way, customers can get familiar with who serves them which creates an even friendlier environment. A unique and interesting aspect of the drink menu which is great for advertising is the “Trust Your Bartender” drink which means you tell the bartender the list of things you like in your drink and then they customize a drink made specifically for the customer. This could be advertised on instagram with the #trustyourbartender as well as the picture of the drink captioned by the list of ingredients. There could also be an Instagram contest for the business where customers, specifically in the summertime, take their drink and put them in the air and tag the other Instagram account @drinksintheair to gain popularity.

Dining area

Timeline & Content Not much information was given on the website about the history of Church & Main. When looking at the About page, the website listed the soothing environment Church & Main has which appeals to customers of all ages. It was great to see the timeline of reviews from customers who had such a memorable experience. The reviews could be updated more often but this unique feature lets the customers and staff connect to each other. I am glad they mentioned that Church & Main is among the top 10% of all businesses on Trip Advisor with consistently high ratings from travelers.


Example of @drinksintheair
Potential background post for the drinks
Picture perfect dining!

Budget After doing in depth research on the salary a social media marketer makes in the City of Burlington, I believe that the company is able to hire a full time position as well as extend their social media use. By having events and contests with pictures and sponsors from different alcohol brands I believe Church & Main will thrive, especially if the events occurred during the summer. The best times I recommend are Memorial Day weekend, Father's Day, 4th of July, Colombus Day, Alumni and Parents weekend.

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