The Mars Water Collection Challenge

Objective– Using an operator controlled robot, students must menuver a bot to collect a water bottle, place it into a container and return the bottle and container to base camp.
Think– Well we already have the standered drive base so all we need to do now is edit Sparky to make it easier for him to get over the ramp without problems. Sparky has gone over the ramp once already so there is not much to do for that. Also we need to make a counterweight for picking up the water bottle because he isn't able pick it up without tipping over, which is not good.
Think– Happy Valentines Day!!! I can't wait to get going on Sparky, because we are going to take his claw off and rebuild him so we can atleast get him over the ramp. And then we can add his claw and the counter weight because I think that would be easier to do so we get this done faster. Lets do this!!!
Think– today we are putting the wheels on Sparky, because we did not finish it yesterday. Hopefully we can get him over the ramp so then we can start on his claw again to pick the water bottle up. Lets get this thing done and win!!!!!
Think– Today, Abby and I will finish Sparky's wheels so he can move faster. Leah will start on the other side so then we get him done in time for the challenge. I can't wait to get Sparky done!!
Think– we are going to finish the wheels today. We found out that we need to add the rubbery wheels so Sparky can move faster.
Think– we haven't been here for a while so we will have to go over what we need to do. We also need to get Sparky's claw on. We first need to get him over the ramp.
Do– Today we found out that we need to start al over again and that is really agonizing, because Sparky has been through so much and some of this shouldn't even be happening. We are going to start over with the standered drive base so then we can hopefully finish this challenge.
Think– today we are going to. Transform Sparky into a standered drive base so we can get him over the ramp and also have him pick the water bottle up. After we get him over the ramp we will add on the claw.
Do– well today we did not do much, I mostly played music and found parts for Sparky.
Think- today we are going to add either 1 or 2 wheels to Sparky, now that he is a standard drive base. After we get him over the ramp we will add his claw on so he can lift the can and the water bottle.
Think- Abby and I are skeptical about the gear being used as wheels because it didn't work before so it probably won't work today either. We are going to talk to Leah about it and I think that in the end we will agree on if it doesn't work we will do our idea.
Think- I think today we will finish adding the claw to Sparky. We added the other wheel to the back so there is more counter weight and he might be able to make it over the ramp.
Think- So today is the last day to work on Sparky, and we have to get that counterweight done today. We have a few rubberbands for his claw.

We had a lot of troubles lately, but we kept rying and we finaly got Sparky over the ramp and also had him complete the challenge. I think the most I learned is that the most smart and complicated idea is not always the best Idea eventhough we may think that since the person who came up with it is really smart, that it is going to be amazing.

This challenge has really changed my perspective of things and ideas. Thank you so much for teaching me this lesson.

By: Sara O'Connell

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