A Lovely Tehidy Walk with Gwinear Footpaths and Bridleways Association

All set!

Saturday 18th November 2017: We meet at a packed South Car Park and double park with each other -there’s plenty of room.

Geoff making contact and...

Howard describes his route. Seventeen walkers and spaniel set off west to be confronted with a sign ‘No dogs’. Katie the dog, Zoe and Linda head off to the other side of the lake to meet up later. We walk around the side of the lake, passing through Beech Wood and arrive at Otter Bridge- no sign of the Rushforth’s so, a auick phone call.

Just waiting for Geoff to make contact

We divert south west through Oak Wood; divert again to Snake Bridge, then on to West Drive.

They joy of scrunch, scrunch, scrunching!

This takes us down to the road at Coombe where we miraculously meet up with.....

a tired, very wet Katie.

We do not know what route they took to arrive at the same time! A hundred yards east along the road and we turn off north by Downs Farm on a well used footpath by several fields to arrive on B3301 Hayle/Portreath road. Crossing over we pick up SW Coast Path at North Cliffs/Reskajeage Downs.

Richard providing scale by looking out over Carnbrae. Wal could see his wife’s meeting place at Nancegollan, a distant white rectangle of wall!.

Our route is north east with splendid views today.

Could that be Lundy in the distance, Geoff?
,By the time I took this, all the close-up sheep had run away because of the thumping great feet passing me!

........they dashed across the path in front of us.

Deadman’s Cove and Greenbank Cove are down below us before we leave the SWCP and take this path..

crossing towards carnbrae...

From the B3301 we cross over and take the track towards the Ranger's Office. Howard always changes the prepared route to make it even better to suit conditions on the day! His route did not include the Office! We headed off north east on a path bringing us to North Car Park. Then around North Cliffs Plantation before finally turning south, down the side of Tehidy Woods. Arriving on East Drive, we had a couple of hundred yards before turning south again, past the residential area on one side and the golf course the other. Another short piece of woodland track and our car park appears in front of us. We’d had a lovely 4.5 mile walk. Thanks Howard----last walk this year. Merry Christmas Everyone!

from Geoff.

New Year’s Day walk (am. with Hayle Runners- details to be circulated.

January 2018- walk will be led by Richard Saundry on a popular route from St Erth Church. 2p.m. Saturday 13th January.


Geoff supplied the text and the group photo, Beth added her photos. Richard. Howard and Geoff reconnoitered the walk and Howard, walker of walked and runner of runners led his walk of the day!

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