Chef Monse salazar

What is a chef?A chef is a professional cook.A chef's job is to make food but not only do they do that they also come up with new dishes.They clean the kitchen,they supervise people so there food doesn't disappoint people and most of all they cook for you the people.
Education:You don't have to have a high school degree but it would be better if you had one.You have to have a degree in the field and you need to have an experience of 1-5 years.You also need to have computer skills depending if the job uses technology.It would also be good if you had additional skills,it would look good when you apply for a job.I would like to attend the Institute of Culinary Education located in New York.
A chefs salary ranges from $46,000-$62,000 a year.It works out to be about $19.50-$29.75 an hour.Its not really a lot of money but if you love to cook its all worth it.
Interesting Facts: Chefs are extremely picky when it comes to there food but they still hate picky eaters. Chefs have expensive taste and yet they like fast food.Chefs work hard for low pay. Chefs have to work on holidays but what they hate the most is having to work during new years eve.Chefs even have to cook when they are sick unless its an emergency.Your waiter is trying to influence what you order,chefs urges them to talk about specific dishes.They all wish they were Giada or Alton.
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