taking care of a puppy lots of work will be needed

Did you know that some puppys have more than one life? When they pass away they can come in a new one.If you like puppies and you think it's fun these steps will make you have even more fun with puppies. Puppies are loving and caring. You will learn topics about puppies like feeding,potty training,health and more

They might have some accidents now and then, always put newspapers or puppy pads, where you can get at a pet store, on the ground. After you feed them you should wait about 5 to 10 minutes and then let them go outside. It may take a while for them to potty train but if you do this for about 2 months or 3 then your puppy will be in good shape


Feeding is one of the most important parts of taking care of a puppy. Some dog food is not ok for your puppy to eat. You don't want your puppy to get sick right! If you get a puppy the breeder or the pet store you got them at will suggest a food for the puppy. Puppys are only supposed to eat 2 times a day. They are supposed to eat breakfast,and dinner. Don't over feed them even if they want food it is bad for the puppy's health. You have to find a spot where you will let your puppy


If you want to train your dog to do stuff like sit,roll over, jump and catch a treat you might want to go to a pet store like Petsmart. They bring you in a room and train your puppy/dog. You can also by a clicker for your puppy it indicates that they will be rewarded if they do something good.


You must groom your puppy 2 times a month or more. If you don't groom the puppys hair it will have many locks and will end up looking like a yeti! When they are grown you will barely get to see their face that's why it's very important. You can go to a pet shop where they can do it or you can do it yourself if you have the ability to. If you do it by yourself you want to groom them about 1 to inch of it depending how much hair/for your puppy has. But not to much that they will freeze.


Cleaning your puppy is important.Your puppy will need to take a bath once a week to keep they clean and to not get like lice,leeches, and more. You can't use human shampoo to clean them it will harm the puppy’s skin. Use your hands and rub their skin with shampoo where you can get at a petstore. Move your hand it a slow motion in circles. When you are finished, they will shake and shiver. Make sure to get them a towel so they won't freeze and shiver. Be prepared for the smelly smell that they make why after taking a bath.


Puppy's teeth for a quite long time.You have to wait until the puppy’s teeth fall out and grow in new ones. Puppy toys that they can teeth on is recommended.If you get the toys your puppy with probably stop nibbling you.Why they nibble you or other objects is because there teeth are itchy they try to get objects to scratch the teeth.The toys will help scratch their teeth.They may still nibble buts thats what all puppies do.


If you want to keep your puppy healthy doctors or veterinarians recommend to take your puppy to the park. Your puppy will need to get energy like we do every day. Don’t forget they are kinda like humans too! You probably want to play fetch or chase with your puppy.. Puppys love to run so be prepared to do that to! Also they need to eat healthy food. There are two things that are terrible things for their health and could sadly get harmed or even die. Never feed your dog chocolate it is terrible for their health also you might think it's not true but its grapes. They are the worst for your puppy to eat. Be very protective about what they eat. Give them what they need for food like dog food or maybe some light things that they need

Puppy breeds that are recommended

There are some puppies that are playful, noisey, well trained, loving, and more. If you are looking into getting a puppy and you want to play with them a lot you can get a Chihuahua.They can be noisey but they are very playful. If you want a dog who is very protective I would get a german shepherd. If you didn't know they are work dogs police train them to help with clues of where the victim was. They will protect you very much and will show that you are there owner. If you want a well trained puppy a pomeranian is recommended. They are well trained and won't bark. They are experts at cuddling! If you want a funny puppy get a french bulldog. They try to get you up and active and try to impress you.there are many types of dogs that do lots of diffrent things.


If you can't get a puppy maybe you could visit your friends puppy if any have one or your relatives. It doesn't hurt to look up some facts about puppys you might learn some really amazing things about what they can do how the live and more. Maybe you can get a puppy when you are older. If you still dont have advantages like I said it never hurts to look up some cool things.


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