Step Into The World Of Exotic Cars By: Claire jones

From the left: McLaren, Ferrari, and Bugatti

Exotic cars, we've all heard of them and sometimes seen them. These cars are like the Snow Leopards of the road, they're there but there just isn't that many. You can always get yourself one but it'll set you back 200,000 to even a million for one of these cars.

Lamborghini, Veneno

What Is A Super/ Exotic Car?

So, basically the super car is of course a more high end version of any other car in it's company. These cars were made to mainly race, however most people make them a fashion statement. Deep down though they're pretty much a normal car built up to a v-12 with a high performance body.


The term Super car dates back to the classic muscle car era in the late 50's to the late 70's. Equipped with powerful v-8 engines and rear wheel drive, which was quite a change from past models. The lightweight make and with stronger engines began with the 1957 Rambler Rebel. Since then engines grew and more science was put into the making of these super cars. Therefore resulting in cars like the Pagani Zonda R or the Ferrari 458 special Aperta 2015 , just to name a few.

Pagani Zonda R

Super Car Season

Supercar season was created in London for wealthy people from around the world could bring their cars to showcase at this popular event. Most of the time it's people coming from hotter regions to escape the heat June through August. This phenomenon brings along its spectators to get videos and photos to post on social media. The most common people who flock to London are people from the middle east who are looking for a cooler spot.

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