Kacy's Portfolio Advanced Photography 2

Meet the Photographer

I am currently a senior in Advanced Photography year 2. Photography has been a way to express my creativity, as well as capture a moment in time that I would keep forever. Since I've been in this class, I've learned that my style is more dark, with more contrast. I also love using Photoshop to edit my pictures in a unrealistic way to add a really creative touch. This is my portfolio; this is my journey with photography so far.

Artist Statement

Creativity flows from myself to my camera, showing the perspective of a teenager who just wants to let you know how she sees the world, through the use of unrealistic editing and limiting colours.

2020-2021 Trimester 1

Project 1

Selfie Portrait - With this picture I was trying to create an edgy feel. The contrast of darks and lights is meant to make the lights pop out, but still show that the darks are essential to the picture. The half-face effect is supposed to make me seem mysterious. The jewelry accessory on my hand simulates bones, and also helps the edgy feel. ISO12800 f/4.5 1/250

Project 2

Fast Shutter (Top Left) - ISO 200 f/5.0 1/640 Slow Shutter (Right) - ISO 800 f/4.0 1/60 Shallow Depth (Bottom Left) - ISO 800 f/8.0 1/500 Large Depth (Middle) - ISO 800 f/4.0 1/20

Project 3

This picture visualizes how we have to balance between doing school work and other hobbies. At this point we as students have to self motivate ourselves, so this shows how one person is given both a controller and a pencil, and it is their responsibility once they take them. ISO 6400 f/4.5 1/80

Project 4

With these pictures I wanted to create a feel that I was held up by some type of magical force. I love doing creative edits in Photoshop so these were really fun to make. ISO 100 f/4.0 1/1000

Project 5

With these pictures I wanted to create a dramatic effect with lighting and shadows. The different colours make different moods such as cold and warm.The light goes through the glass figures in beautiful ways to show different light and shadows throughout the before plain background. ISO 800 f/5.6 1/250

Project 6

I want to create a very lively, colourful, and bright scene with this picture. The lipstick is already a very bright red, but adding the belt was just so many splashes of different colours that added to the bright red. ISO 200 f/13.0 1/125

2020-2021 Trimester 2

Levitation - ISO 400, f/16.0, 1/15 - This levitation scene came from the idea of cards being thrown into the air. Since they are so light, we get to see the many sides and colours of each card plus the box.
Levitation 2 - ISO 800, f/8.0, 1/125 - This photo is a miniature and also minimalistic scene including a metal chair and table that are in fact miniature. The copper tones complement the gray background.
SkillsUSA Natural vs Unnatural - (left to right) ISO 400, f/8.0, 1/250; ISO 1600, f/5.6, 1/30; ISO 800, f/22.0, 1/60; ISO 800, f/5.0 1/30 - With these photos the idea I was going for was that unnatural sources of light such as the light bulb and string lights were in the outside world where they shouldn't be, as in the snow and bushes.
Food Photography - ISO 1600, f/5.0. 1/100 - This photo is one double chocolate chip muffin surrounded by others on a cooling rack signifying how they were warm and fresh out of the oven.
Dramatic Portrait - ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/15 - This photo of my mother was taken when she was wearing a dark outfit while there was a dark backdrop to show the contrast from both of those to the highlights in her face.


1) ISO 400, 55mm, f/7.1, 1/500 sec
2) ISO 400 18mm f/7.1 1/2000 sec
3) ISO 400 32mm f/7.1 1/10 sec
5.1) Glamour ISO 800 30mm f/8.0 1/8sec
6.1)(Grade the one below) Golden Days, The shiny golden parts and the shiny crystal body of the crystal rocking horse are meant to be the main focus of this image. ISO 3200, 39mm, f/5.6. 1/125 sec
6.2)(Grade this one) Crystallize, The silver details of this crystal dog are the main focus of this image. ISO 3200, 55 mm, f/5.6, 1/100 sec.
Skills USA
Disney ISO 3200 29mm f/4.5 1/25 sec
Disney ISO 200 18mm f/11 1/2000
Disney ISO 200 29mm f/9.0 1/800 sec