Motte and bailey castles by Harley Trigg

In 1066 the normans won the of Hastings.The normans took over England and built over 500 castles in one year.In a whole week they built a bailey and a ditch crazy.Motte and bailey castles were easy to build.They built a ditch and covered it up to build a castle.The normans built castles to protect themselves because the peaople tried to kill the normans.They built castle out of wood and stone.

Wooden motte and bailey castle


Murder hole is for intruder is a hole in the grounds so when a intruder walks on it he will die. A motte is a pile of DIRT!!!. Arrow loop is for shooting arrows at the intruder.

Everyday life

Solders lived in a keep.The lord got the food for the village. Men-at-arms where very good trained soldiers.


A bailey is a castle village. T

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