Ancient Practice Medicine of Past Worlds

Long ago, ancient civilization fell back on their religion to explain the mystery behind medicine.


When having a check up in Egypt, the doctor would treat the patient using spells and potions to ward off evil spirits. Romans would make clay pieces and Greeks would find solace in secluded temples.

Gods were often used to explain sickness. Causing massive temples to be built and even cults to be created.

The Nile:

Due to the Nile River, Egyptians were among the healthiest of ancient civilizations. Often washing their clothes, themselves, and having an extremely varied diet.

Due to overpopulation, Romans had to become creative with ways to prevent disease, like creating the first sewage systems and even toilets, while the Greeks believed in the four humors, and that balancing them would bring health.


Ever since 5000 BC, people were being buried with weapons and food. Most societies had a form of life after death usually with a sinister god and the possibility of paradise.

Why Mummify?

Egyptians mummify because the Egyptian God Osiris had been preserved and resurrected by the Gods, and that reenacting this would lead to the same miracle for the dead mortal.


Once in the underworld or after life, you would either spend the eternity there, or, after great hardships, have the possibility of going to paradise, though not guaranteed. Many royals were thought to go straight to paradise.

The world looked very different long ago, religion, practice, and prevention, have changed drastically as with the people on this planet. Earth is always changing, and, as always, we will change with it.


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