Flavor Town By: Ben Walker

On the second floor of the hospital there I am laying on my bed with a terrible head injury.

I'm not sure what happened but I had to get something to drink instantly. I went to get up and get some water from the fountain but at the fountain I saw a little boy, and suddenly everything came back to me.

This all started when I heard guy fieri was going to a local restaurant near me. I knew I had to go and get photos of him, because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I was so excited I grabbed my keys to a nice white van. I thought about it more and more I thought it would be perfect to take someone with me to get double the pictures! So I took a homeless looking kid on the street and took him with me to get two angles of guy fieri and double the pictures.

The day I went to get pictures was a bright day so it was great day to get photos of guy fieri beautiful white hair. Suddenly I started smelling something delicious and I realized we were almost there.

Once we got to the restaurant I thought to myself and thought I should get my two high quality cameras and was ready for pictures. I asked what time it was to the little boy and he responded with 9:25. I panicked so much my I almost started sweating. Guy fieri was coming at 9:30!

We both sprinted to the restaurant and we got there at 9:29 sharp. The little boy asked me if he could go the bathroom because he had to go really bad apparently. I said no way he's about to be here, we need to get quality photos.

Then the argument was getting out of hand, we were both practically screaming at each other. Wham! The argument then turned into a fight, I got pushed over by the kid and smacked my head against the cement ground and I got knocked out. The next thing I know I woke up in this hospital.

At the water fountain the boy was there saying, hello? He wanted to apologize for pushing me to the ground. He said that he was scared and didn't want to take pictures anymore, also I was his ride home and that's why he mainly came.

I thought about it but then I realized I still had a concussion so I couldn't just leave the hospital without the doctor saying I could. So I said sorry to the little boy and left to my room, but the little boy followed me.

I told him to stop following but he wouldn't do it because he said the room smelled like nice daffodils in the morning so I just said whatever and laid in my bed with the little boy by my side.

The boy kept talking and talking and he wouldn't stop, he kept talking about the room being “so nice” and “so clean” even though the room was pretty dirty and I'm pretty sure I saw something moving in the corner of the room, but that might just be my concussion acting up.

Finally the doctor walked into my room he said that my head was getting a lot better and that I would get out of the hospital in less than 30 minutes. I was as excited as guy fieri getting the good news on episode 4 season 2 of Celebrity Cook Off.

The boy then got sad because he was not near his parents and his parents were probably looking for him. Then I said suck it up, you'll be home soon. Then the doctor came in and said I can go. The little boy and I got outside and realized we don't have a car, or any money. We had to get home or we would be stuck in a freezing cold blizzard!

Suddenly out of the blue I saw guy fieri’s bus. I was so happy and confused why guy fieri was at a hospital but who cares let's ask for a ride! We asked the body and he said definitely not but then guy fieri himself came out of the bus and recognized the back of my head because I fell and his photo shoot.

He said sure why not you can come in. We walked in while my hands were more clammy than ever. Everything in his bus was so nice and clean and, of course, he had the best food there. He was the nicest man I've ever met. He asked me where I lived I told him my address and we went there.

When I finally had to get off the bus I was so sad but happy that I met him. I had to let the little boy go even though we had made a great bond. This day has definitely been the best day of my life.

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