Earth By dillon

Earth and Moon


Earth and Moon

Composition and size

Earth is a rocky planet or trestle planet. Earth is 43,000 miles wide

Earth sun and other planets

Distance from the sun

Earth is 100 million miles from the sun

Time of orbit and rotation

Earth takes 365 or 366 days to orbitĀ the sun. When earth takes 366 days to orbit the sun it's a leap year. Our planet takes 24 hours to spin on its Axis

Rings And moons

Earth has no rings. But you could say it has a ring of trash right? There is trash going around our planet. The Earth has 1 Moon or natural satellite.

Fun facts

Earth is named after the Romen god of brith, not the only planet with water, and used to have no moon.


Mercury closest planet to the sun.

Sister and mom

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