Rudi's life in the Wild Cooper Britton

Josef's Return

In this chapter Sasha has grown a lot closer to Ingrid. Rudi tries to train to train her but he fails. While he was out at the barn one day he saw a shadowy figure coming toward him Sasha goes running after it but it didn't stop the man. Suddenly, the man looks up its Josef he barges right in and tells Anna he's hungry. While at dinner the two boys debated about many things including the war. But once Rudi had made Josef's stubborn spirt mad he jumped up to strangle him without realizing he reached over Ingrid Sasha immediately jumped on him after a while of fiddling Josef was getting choked so Rudi saved him.

A Hard Decision

In this chapter, Rudi knows he must leave for the safety of the others. He runs to tell Anna and he try's not to wake up Ingrid. Once he gets Anna up and fixes her a pot of tea, they talk about why he needs to leave he tells Anna that he thinks Josef will try and tell on him. He also tells her that he will talk to Josef about putting some sense into him. So he heads out him and Josef talk but when Josef attacked Rudi. Rudi took hold he pinned Josef up to the wall and choked him Josef was scared and you could tell he wasn't going to bother anyone.

The passing of the night

Rudi woke up to the sound of heavy vehicles it seemed strange to him that something like that would be in the forest. He ran outside to see suddenly a farmer came running up to him saying weird things like the Huns are on the run Rudi asked the man and all the man did was give him a newspaper Rudi immediately read the headline RED ARMY ADVANCES INTO POLAND and that's weeks old said the man the man kept on running yelling Poland is liberated and free! Rudi was frozen he was waiting for himself to wake up from a dream but he didn't. Suddenly he saw men coming he thought they were Germans but then he realized it was Germans that were taken captives.He then heard a voice he thought he recognized it was Oscar. After a while of talking Rudi told him that he was going back to Warsaw he told oscar to tell Anna that he would be back for Ingrid. As he left he thought about seeing his father again.


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