Wanna Know Melantha? the one and only

Melantha is the one and only person in the world. So does everybody else in the world, all unique. She is passionate about music, art and fun!!! For music, she has been playing piano for 13 years and often crave on pianos for four to five hours each time.

For art, she is more inclined to design things with softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator. She also likes to go to museum and feel the collision of creativity among these amazing art pieces.

She considers herself as a creative person and enjoys feeling embraced by all the artistic pieces in any forms such as films and paintings.

For fun, she turns out to be a foodie and almost every time she goes out, she would take picture of the food rather than selfies if she were to prioritize.

Chinese Food

酸菜鱼 The Sour Fish_Soga_Madison
萝卜糕 Turnip cake
干炒牛河 Fried Noodle with Beef
黄金烧卖 Golden Dumplings

American Food

Lamb & Beans
Open-Faced Schnitzel Sandwich_BOHO_Chicago
Strawberry toppings on Brunch Bread
The Medium-Rare Sandwich_Ralph Lauren_Chicago
ShakeShack Hamburger_Chicago

Korean Food

Fried Chicken_Chicago
Sangaria_Wonderful Drink_MilkyTea-ish_Chicago
Delicious Noodle_Chicago
Juicy Yummy Golden Egg_Chicago
Moreover, Melantha is a people-person and is currently study Marketing and MHR (Management of Human Resources) in University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is such a wonderful opportunity for Melantha to study overseas and thrive to be a better-self. She is super helpful and is willing to help every one in need. She loves volunteering and she has attended a variety of volunteer events in United States. It is worth giving back to society!

The Greenville Winter Break Volunteering Trip

Greenville, South Carolina

Through WUD (Wisconsin Union Directory) Winter Break Trips, I chose the volunteer event in Greenville, South Carolina for it involved various tasks throughout the day and the whole group got to travel around.

The happiest way to spend your Winter Break volunteering!!!

In the morning, we worked in SoupKitchen to prepare and serve meals to around 150 homeless people. It was so much fun for a group of 10 girls like us. We chatted, laughed, danced. Surprisingly, in SoupKitchen, an antique piano is there, enticing me to perform. With an increasing urge to enjoy the music, I was permitted to play the piano. During the days when playing piano, my favorite thing, becomes an opportunity to bring joy and happiness to people, I could not be more happier! Although it is only one week of volunteering activities, I still miss being called "The Piano Lady".

FunnyFaces Vs. NormalFaces

In the afternoon, we just drove to The Frazee Center to assist in teaching children reading and doing homework. This is even more exciting. I love being around with kids and I even initiated a game called "spin", in which I spin the kids to let them fly~~~ That's so much fun even though I got a bit dizzy.

What more could you ask for with these cute kids around you?

Besides volunteering, we still have time to enjoy the city life of Greenville.

No filter. That's how naturally beautiful Greenville is!

So quiet and comforting.

David took us to see the Newsies! Love it! It was the last day of the Newsies' performance in Greenville! No regrets!

David is such a wonderful person showing us all around and took us to several dinners, in order to educate us to always give back. Still miss him!

We are werewolves! Sparkly eyes. Stunning!

That's what I had for one dinner. But normally, I would have more than this. Girls in my group all puzzled about me eating more and looking slim. LOL!

That's to the wonderful man, David! Got to enjoy the Church dinner.

Love the design!

Oh Sugar! Yes, please!

Time went by so fast and I still miss the time we spent in Greenville.

Miss you guys!

A people-person like her would definitely attend several student organizations.

Asian Music Instruments Community (AMIC)


AMIC is a more professional community where members have expertise on playing instruments such as Pipa, Erhu, Guqin, Xiao, Dizi, Flute, Piano, etc. she plays piano and know basics playing techniques of Pipa. So far, she has attended two events: Chinese Cultural Festival and 2016 Chinese Spring Festival Gala. She is Marketing and Public Relations Chair in AMIC and her tasks involve designing posters, creating promotional videos, publishing blogs and recruiting new members.

2016 Group Photo
The Glamorous Performance in Memorial Union
A glance of practice at rehearsal for 2016 Chinese Spring Festival Gala
My poster for 2016 Chinese Spring Festival Gala
We were focused in producing the wonderful performance
Me playing piano!

She enjoys travelling and she has been seeking the opportunities to travel with friends.

Chicago Time

Chicago Thanksgiving Fun 2015

My first time to Chicago was last Thanksgiving. I went there with two of my friends for the Black Friday. Yet, there was a protest on Friday night, so we did not go shopping. Instead, we changed our plan to travel around the Chicago. In the end, I discovered so many beautiful things in Chicago.

The Walk
Oh! Just the buildings and my friends
Benches are not alone
The Dawn_Millennium Park
Nighty Sky_On The Road
Prosperous Chicago at Night
Glimpse of Night in Chicago
Foggy Night
Amazing Yellow Fun House- love the ladder
Valet Cashier in disguse
On the way to subway_Chicago
Self-Portrait by Ivan Albright, 1982_Art Institute of Chicago
Angry Dragon_Art Institute of Chicago
Lion looking up in front of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago Business Trip April 2016

On April 15th, I woke up at 4:30 a.m, getting dressed up in the style of Business Elite. I was so pumped to have the opportunity to take a tour at companies: Yelp, Mintel and BP in Chicago.

The working environment in Yelp is the ideal one for my future employment. I adore the bar, coffee station as well as the entertainment area in Yelp. It's like a heart-warming family to me. Moreover, the working relationships among people are so warm and I really appreciate their competitions. One anecdote told by Cristina and Patt was that there were two team leaders having a competition to reach the topest sales rate for Yelp services. And whoever loses should be given a welcoming head-shaving. I was so amazed that they had such creative and fun idea about the awards for competition rather than plainly bonus. I really consider the atmosphere in Yelp as the feature I would look into whenever I apply for jobs or internships.

Happy Friday at Yelp
Super pumped
The Shade Store_Merchandise Mart
Striking RED
Always look up
Fancy Decor_Bohemian House
Outside the Merchandise Mart
"Hello from the other side"_Adele

Mintel is also welcoming to me and I really adore the way they call the meeting rooms with different and interesting names. Moreover, Mintel is the only company that provides cookies, notebooks with pens and water. If you want food or drinks, you should definitely visit Mintel. I really appreciate the global distribution of Mintel's locations which are quite suitable for international students like me for my future career.

Ready For Mintel_333 W. Wacker Drive, Suite 1100
Old Town Conference Room
Lincoln Square Meeting Room
A view from Mintel
Oops! Got reflection!
Contouring and Highlighting_Prentending I am talking about makeup.

BP, a company that is primarily focusing on the supply chain management as well as marketing for gasoline as well as other petrol-related products in terms of plastics and clothes. The advertisements are the most unforgettable part for me since the analogy they made was hilarious and memorable. The Rotational Challenge in BP is quite tempting since one can experience over three different occupations. If you are interested in the variety of jobs, you should definitely go to BP to check it out!

Which side would be the head of the horse_Ready for BP
Aha! Found another artwork!
Strong BP team!

Saturday = free day = shopping = fun!

Can not say "NO" to black and white_On the way
Elevator Restroom/ Gallery Collection_Ralph Lauren
Mix Popcorn at Garrett with wonderful Joshua Roy!
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