Poverty in Kansas Schools Aubrey Rumford | Brenna Jellison | Mahkala Lackey | Cierra Jones

Kansas schools within the past few years have seen an increase in poverty. At a sky-rocketing rate, 78% of children are receiving free-and-reduced lunches. Over 1,300 Wichita children receive weekly backpacks of food through the food bank. An example, some families move multiple times during a school year to find affordable housing, forcing their kids to switch schools.

The federal government counted 9,330 homeless students in Kansas the last school year. Resulting in a 161% increase from 2006-2007. These stats include families doubling up or living in motels.
"Kansas can hope such reports from the front lines of K-12 schools are instructive for GOP state lawmakers, many of whom are inexplicably seeking to equalize school district funding by cutting it." ||| Wichita Eagle
Poll Question : Where should extra school funding go? A.) Solving Poverty Issues --- B.) Improving the school - curriculum and resources.https://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/xcVU6ooGqWEH0Qs


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