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The College year is well underway with students thoroughly involved in learning and activities.

Atwell College experienced a strong set of results for the Year 12 class of 2017. The College’s ATAR (university entrance) average score is similar to schools in the area. This result is reassuring for the community and re-affirming for the College. Quite naturally, Atwell College is striving to be better than the other schools.

I must commend the entire Atwell College staff and students of the VET (Vocational Education and Training) program on the outstanding completion rate and variety of VET qualifications. Year 11 and 12 students at Atwell College can access a 3 day onsite college program, 1 day at TAFE or similar and 1 day of work place learning (WPL). This program enables students to pursue selective technical trades type courses, industry specific courses (eg. hairdressing) or higher level tertiary qualifications right up to diploma level whilst still at school. Students in Year 11 and 12 working on a normal 5 day program and not doing ATAR can still access training qualifications as part of their program. These VET qualifications can be delivered by our qualified staff and provide all students with the ability to complete secondary schooling with a recognized training qualification. Due to the superior size of Atwell College, the school can offer a wider and deeper variety of courses for all students. These matters need to be considered carefully by parents and carers when selecting a secondary school for their child.

I thank all parents for their attendance at the Year 10 parent information evening on Wednesday 21 February. This is the first meeting this year for parents and students in terms of preparation for Year 11 and 12. It is important that Year 10 students get the highest possible grades to ensure the maximum number of course choices when they move into Year 11 and 12. As always, if parents and carers have further information they would like to discuss with Atwell College, I encourage them to make contact and seek further advice.

The first after hours Parent Teacher Interview is scheduled for Wednesday 7 March. Parents and carers will be able to make appointments online to set up interview times to see teaching staff. I strongly encourage parents to use this first opportunity to make direct contact with teachers with the view of establishing relationships and clarifying student achievement.

10th Anniversary Celebrations

Atwell College turns 10 this year and we are planning a 10th Anniversary celebration in conjunction with the Annual ArtNet Exhibition to be held in August/ September. This will provide an opportunity for past staff and students (founding) to reconnect with the school and engage current students and the school community. Stay tuned for more details!

Atwell College 10th Anniversary Logo
2018 Parent-Teacher Interview Semester 1

Please be informed that the Parent Teacher Interview for semester 1 will be on Wednesday 7 March from 2.30pm - 7pm. As a result, there will be early close for the College at 1.25pm on the same day.

Parents can make bookings via PTO (Parent Teacher Online) which will open at 4pm on Tuesday 27 February. Bookings will close at 4pm, Tuesday 6 March.

The link to access PTO is on the Atwell College website under Atwell Portal http://www.atwellcollege.wa.edu.au/view/atwell-portal/pto-parent-teacher-interviews

Login instructions will be posted shortly on Atwell College Connect site.

Year 7 parents are also invited to meet and mingle with the Year 7 teachers between 5.30-6pm on the same evening at the current library upstairs in D Block.

We look forward to meeting everyone then.

OLNA Semester 1 2018

In order for students to be eligible for a WACE certificate, they must demonstrate minimum standards of literacy and numeracy through their performance in either one of the following:

• National Assessment Program – Achieve a minimum of Band 8 in the Year 9 Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test, or

• Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).

The OLNA is an online assessment that is accessed through a web-based delivery platform. Students have to complete one or more tests in Reading, Writing and/or Numeracy. They will receive an individual timetable indicating which tests they must attend.

The Authority has provided practice and example tests for each component for this purpose. The practice tests enable students to become familiar with the test environment and for schools to check their IT setup. They provide students with practice in using the test-delivery website functionality and gain experience in the types of questions they can expect in the OLNA tests.

The practice tests include a set of 20 multiple-choice questions for Reading, one Writing prompt and a set of 20 multiple-choice questions for Numeracy.

The example tests include a set of 45 multiple-choice questions for Reading, one Writing prompt and a set of 45 multiple-choice questions for Numeracy. Students have 50 minutes to complete the Reading and Numeracy components and 60 minutes to complete the Writing component

Accessing the Practice and Sample tests

Students can now have the opportunity at home to access the practice and example tests and become familiar with the test-delivery website functionality and the types of questions they can expect prior to the test week. Students particularly in Year 10s will benefit from this.

URL: https://assess.scsa.wa.edu.au/ Username: 4184 / Password: prac14

OLNA 2018 testing will be conducted in the College Auditorium, D10 and D11 during Form and Period 3 from Tuesday 6 March 2018 to Wednesday 14 March 2018. Catch-up times are during period 4 on the dates as indicated.

2018 OLNA Testing Timetable

Atwell College is excited to advise that we have partnered with MCB Schools to bring the Consent2Go system to our college. The system will replace our current paper process for obtaining parent permission and consent for school incursions and excursions. The current paper based system is expensive, inefficient and a huge cost to the environment.

We will commence using the system this year. In using Consent2Go, the school will no longer be sending excursion paperwork home with students. If you do not have an email address or internet access, please advise the school so that we can add you to the consent2Go paper process.

By simply clicking on the blue box, you will be automatically connected to the system.

There is no username or password required to use the system. All information is stored in accordance with the Australian privacy requirements.

You will be asked to update your contact details and your child’s medical and allergy information. This only needs completing once; parents can then easily update and change details if required through the system.

The school will also use the system to collect payments from parents for excursions. Parents may also attend the school and pay in person if they prefer.

Consent2Go is being introduced to improve the process for parents by providing the school with the most up-to-date information regarding their child’s medical or other related information. This greatly improves the school’s ability to manage school excursions and events.

Please contact Michelle Fletcher on +61 (08) 6174 2200 if you require more information.

2018 ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance & Secondary Assistance Scheme

Did you know that the WA Department of Education has an ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance and a Secondary Assistance Scheme that provides an allowance to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs? Check out our College website (under Enrolments) today for more details.

Please take note that the applications for 2018 close on Fri 13 April 2018.

Year 12 Graduation Ball

The Atwell College Year 12 Ball has become an annual highlight early on in the school year and is highly anticipated by all students (and some teachers) in the build up to the event. The ball allows an opportunity for students to get together and enjoy one another's company in a more formal environment. There was a lot of planning, organisation and hard work put in by all involved which helped made the evening extremely successful and unforgettable for all who were present. The majority of the students danced the night away with their friends, chatted with one another and had their photos taken professionally as well as having a bit of fun in the photo booth. All students looked the part with some fancy dresses and smart suits and it was great to see everyone put in such great effort.

This year's event was held at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, and the venue, food and music did not disappoint. The night commenced with teachers greeting students at the door and in the process, having the once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing some pretty flash wheels! On arrival, students were provided with refreshments and were asked to get their individual and partner photos taken before heading into the ballroom. Everyone was blown away by the decorations and presentation of the ballroom; long shimmery silk pieces lining across the roof of the whole ballroom as they hung off gold chandeliers and the stunning tabletop centrepieces inspired by the Ball Committee and Ms Hughes. The large buffet spread of food was a sumptuous treat for all as well but it looks like everyone couldn't wait and right after tea was served, got up and danced the night away as the DJ played all the great hits music!

The dancing went through until 10:30 when awards for the night were being presented. The awards namely were:

Belle of the Ball- Alyce Du Boulay

Beau of the Ball- Tyler Ellis

Best Dressed Male- Ryan Tinline

Best Dressed Female- Madelene Isidoro

Best Dancer- Connor O’Sullivan

Most Photogenic- Emely Radovanovic

Thank you to everyone in the ball committee for their valuable input into the evening whicch allowed us to gain students' perspective on what would help make the night successful which it most definitely was. Thank you to the many staff members who attended the evening and provided support as well. Most importantly, a BIG THANK YOU to all the students for their attendance and outstanding behaviour to make the evening a great night to remember for one and all!

A night of celebration
Mathematics Academy Summer School 2018

The Atwell College Mathematics Department saw the new academic year in with The Mathematics Academy Summer School held at Murdoch University. Students in years 11 & 12 were invited to join in for a free week long course preparing them for the rigours of ATAR and introducing them to concepts they would be seeing later in the year.

Students spent time in classes specifically designed for their selected course and had support from teachers and Atwell graduate students from 2016 & 2017 who were happy to share their insights into what it means to be a successful ATAR student. Last year we held this on school site but this year students had the opportunity to experience the University environment to see what the future may hold for them as they continue through their studies.

After a great start to the Academic year, we look forward to working with these students to help them reach their academic aspirations through their final years at Atwell College.

Check out the link below for some of the positive feedback we have received regarding the Summer School and the great work done by the staff and students from Atwell College.


The next Mathematics Academy Summer School 2019 is proposed for 21st - 25th January 2019 to be held at Murdoch University (location to be confirmed).

Netball Specialist Program

We are very pleased to announce that our Netball Specialist Program has now been endorsed as a Tier 1 Specialist Netball School for 2018 by Netball Western Australia. This is an outstanding achievement as the endorsement recognises that we are one of the Top 5 Specialist Netball Schools in the state.

Netball WA Endorsed Specialist Netball Schools must be able to demonstrate that they are able to provide a successful program that covers all aspects of netball and a holistic approach to student development.

In addition to the ongoing support we have received previously as a Tier 2 Specialist Netball School, as a Tier 1 Specialist Netball School now,

  • the College's program can be further developed and extended to Senior School for the future;
  • our College will have access to development programs and relevant competitions for coaches, umpires and players where possible;
  • ambassadors will attend related College Specialist Netball School events (up to 2 events per school year, e.g. Induction day and awards night);
  • up to 15 Netball Program students will be able to attend a 4-hour hub day of specialist coaching at the State Netball Centre on 7th March 2018
  • 20 passes to a West Coast Fever match as determined by Netball WA will be given to the College;

This endorsement also recognises the excellent coaching provided by our Netball Specialist teachers Miss Taryn Smith and Miss Sharon Dawson who are working towards their Netball Australia, Elite and Advanced Coaching Accreditations respectively. We would like to acknowledge the great work and performance put in by our teachers and students for the success of our program.

Atwell College Netball Squad
China Expedition 2018

At the end of term two this year, we will have our first Languages excursion to China! After much careful consideration of the students who have expressed their interest, nine students from years 8-10 have been chosen to represent Atwell College on this amazing journey which will be from 15th - 29th June.

Ms Tonia Brown, Ms Neyna Chen and Mr Kurt Regan are looking forward to accompanying those students on this experience which is sure to be a lasting memory of their high school lives.

Host families needed for Japanese students

Atwell College is happy that we will have a group of 15 Japanese exchange students visiting our College from 25th – 31st March. Host families are needed.

To show appreciation to our host families, an allowance of $240 will be given to assist with the basic costs of hosting the student. This has been increased from the previous allowance of $150 to help ensure no-one is out of pocket.

This is a unique opportunity for host families to learn more about the Japanese language and culture and make lifelong friendships with an overseas friend. Please contact kurt.regan@education.wa.edu.au if you can assist or have any queries.

New Library & Resource Centre Coming Soon....

Things are certainly speeding up in preparation for the opening of our new Library & Resource Centre. We are so excited at the thought of being back in our library and we know that everyone will be thrilled with the new look too. We are now awaiting delivery of our new furniture and shelving. Our College library staff has been working hard with our suppliers to put together our brand new library collection so expect a lot of new book titles and a new fiction collection organised by genre!

Make sure you come and visit us when we reopen the new Library in Term 2. There will be fabulous activities, events, library collections and an amazing library environment available to everyone. Here's a sneak peak.....

Our new library & resource centre
College Entry Points

Just a reminder that the entry at D Block building is no longer functional and the doors have been decommissioned. Students will need to use all other entry points to enter/exit the College. All visitors will need to report to the main administration.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Aubin Grove United Football Club

Registrations are now open for children aged 5 to 16 years old to join the Aubin Grove United Football Club (AGUFC). AGUFC is a community based, not for profit club that offers children the chance to play Soccer through the winter months.

AGUFC focuses in the Four F’s – Fun, Fair Play, Fundamental Skills and Families. and help children to improve upon their skills whilst learning the basis of the sport. Children are also taught to respect their team mates, opponents, coaches and umpires whilst building their confidence and leadership skills.

Last season was AGUFC's 1st, with 240 members at the club. The club's coaches are parents that are willing to train and coach the children each week. This year, AGUFC is hoping to build on last year's success and anticipate having 350/400 children.

Training nights are normally on Thursday evenings at Aubin Grove Oval and game days are Sunday mornings playing home or away games.

Registrations will be closing on the 25 March with the season starting on the 1st week of April. Interested players can register online @ www.playfooball.com.au; More information regarding the club can be found on @ www.aubingroveunitedfc.com

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