Brian, the Brave Water Droplet by:charlie bridgeman

Brian began his amazing journey as a water droplet on a tiny plant.

"I'm feeling good today," Brian told Hank.

"Nothing's going to happen Brian," replied Hank.

"Well at least I stay positive," said Brian.

"Whatever," Hank mumbled.

All of a sudden, Brian felt really dizzy and light headed as he started evaporating and floating upwards towards the cloud kingdom.

"Ha! I told you Hank! So long sucker!" Brian yelled.

Brian floated up to the top of the clouds and stood on top of the pink cotton candy fluff.

"Whoa! This is as soft as a feather!" Brian exclaimed.

"Yeah," Said Hank. Brian jumped a mile high!

"Jeez, you scared me Hank. How did you get up here!?" Brian asked.

"The same way you did," Hank replied.

They were standing at the foot of a huge castle where droplets were running, playing, and having a good time.


Hank and Brian ran and rolled around in the fluff and had a great time until...

"Brian, I wonder if this tastes like cotton candy," Hank wondered.

"I don't know if we should eat it Hank," Brian said.

They went back and forth until finally they each poked it around and grabbed handfuls of it.

"Three, two, one, go!" Hank counted down and they took big bites.

"Mmmmmm," said Brian.

"This is good," Hank replied.

All of a sudden, the cloud rumbled and water droplets condensed and the cloud started crying! The water droplets were precipitating out of the clouds.

"Help me!" yelled Hank.

"We must have hurt the cloud!" yelled Brian.

They were falling down to a big lake as the wind was whistling past their ears like a freight train.


Sploosh! The water droplets splashed into the water making the lake rise about an inch. A ton of water droplets were accumulating in the lake.

"That was awesome!" Brian said.

"What can we do here?" Asked Hank.

All of a sudden a water droplet came zooming past them and the wave knocked them over.

"Umph! What was that!?" Yelled Hank.

"They're water skiing!" Brian replied.

"Cool!" Yelled Hank.

Hank and Brian ran and splashed around and played with jet skis in the the water for 20 years until one fateful day, a tall buff water droplet drove up on an amazing jet ski and told Brian to get on the skis on the back.

"Um... Okay," said Brian.

Then another droplet drove up and said they should race. So Hank hopped on to the other skis and counted down, 3,2,1 go! They circled around the lake and then made a sharp turn to the left and went off a huge jump. Brian went flying off to the far side of the lake and somehow Hank stayed on but lost his skis, so Hank was getting dragged around on the water like a rag doll, while Brian was stumbling around the edge of the lake. But what Brian didn't know was that a wolf was walking up behind him about to drink him up. All of a sudden, slurp! Brian was getting gulped down by the wolf.

"Ew, this is gross,"Said Brian.

He was inside the wolf's stomach and he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. The wolf was walking into the forest but Brian didn't know that, all he knew was that he was in a wolf. A couple hours later Brian suddenly felt himself being wooshed out into a bright light. He splashed on the ground and sat there dazed. The sun was blazing, so Brian evaporated almost as soon as he figured out where he was. He saw the wolf walking away as he was rising into the sky again. Once he reached the clouds he started walking towards the cloud palace. He was almost to the gates when two guards ran up to him, pushed him down, put a blindfold over him, and knocked him out.

When Brian woke up he was sitting in a jail cell with two guards on each side and three big burly water droplets sitting next to him.

"Why am I in here!?" Brian asked the guards.

"Because you were the one who ate the cloud and hurt the cloud king," replied the guard on the right.

"I didn't do anything to the cloud king!" Brian yelled at them.

"Yes you did, because, whenever the cloud is damaged in any way, it affects the cloud king," said the guard on the left.

Brian was speechless after that and he just sat down on the wooden bed in the corner of the room. He tried to just ignore the huge stinky water droplets next to him as he was wondering if he would ever get to travel down the amazing Colorado river that his grandpa always talked about. Brian was pacing back and forth the next day when a chef came and brought him stale biscuits and disgusting beef.

"Thanks," Brian said half heartedly.

The chef just walked by and grunted. Brian ate it only because he was starving and he almost threw up. Brian then got up from eating his food and he noticed a poster on the wall. He got up and looked behind the poster, all he could see was blackness. Brian ripped down the poster and found a big hole.

Brian crawled into the pitch dark hole with the three other guys right behind him. Four feet in, his hand slipped and he plummeted down into a bright light!

"Aaaaaah!" Screamed Brian.

He looked up and he saw the cloud kingdom. He condensed with the other water droplets because he was precipitating again. He looked down and saw a lake. He wondered if it was the same lake he went to before. All of the other water droplets were accumulating in the middle of the lake so when he splashed into the lake he was super tired. He went to the shore and went right to sleep.

During the night, a wolf pack came to the lake and started howling, but Brian was so tired he didn't even know that a wolf was coming up to the shore. The wolf drank him up without him even knowing. When Brian woke up, he was really confused and then it hit him. He had been slurped up again!

"Aaaargh!" Brian yelled.

By now he was really annoyed.

He bumped around and smashed the inside of the wolf's stomach and before he knew it he was splashing onto the ground and evaporating again.

"Nooooo, anywhere but the cloud kingdom, please!" Brian was furious.

When he got up there he went to the old wizard on the outskirts of the village, and asked him for a potion of invincibility and super powers. The wizard gave him the magical potion and told him he had to chug it all without stopping, or else it wouldn't work. So Brian gulped it down and didn't feel different at all.

"Now go outside and lift my house up. This will make us see if it worked or not," said the wizard.

"Okay I'll try," replied Brian.

Brian easily lifted the house up and carefully set it down.

"Excellent, now go stand about 10 feet in front of that cannon over there," the wizard told Brian.

Brian reluctantly walked in front of it and the wizard got behind it. The wizard fired the cannon at him and it harmlessly bounced off!

"Woah!" Brian yelled.

"Goodbye now! Have a nice trip!" the wizard said.

Brian was thinking that the wizard was crazy, but very helpful, and not very smart. Brian started walking towards the palace determined.

Brian had a plan. He was going to destroy the cloud kings palace and defeat the cloud king. Brian sprinted towards the gates and all of a sudden grew super big as he smashed into the palace taking out a ton of guards. Sirens were blaring and the army was marching towards him as thunder rolled and lightning crashed! Brian grabbed a pillar and rolled it at them taking out the whole army. The king rushed out of the palace and asked Brian what he wanted.

"You," said Brian.

The king screamed in terror as Brian grabbed him and threw him far away. Then the clouds started rumbling and shaking and all the water droplets condensed, then it exploded into thousands of water droplets. Brian shrank down back to normal size and precipitated down to a big beautiful lake that looked very familiar. So he accumulated with the other water droplets and relaxed.

"Aaaah," Brian breathed a sigh of relief.

Forty years later Brian was getting a little old, so one day when he was just swimming around the lake, he was caught up in a fast current leading out of the lake. He yelled for help and one droplet tried to save him, but then he just got caught too. Yelling didn't help, so they decided to just stick close together. They eventually spilled out into a river and decided to leisurely float and be surface runoff. Brian figured out that the droplet was Hank his old friend and that it was the Colorado river that they were floating on. The two old friends talked and floated down the river for the rest of their lives.


Pictures from CC Search. Pictures made in pic collage.

Written by Charlie Bridgeman.

Thank you!

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Charlie Bridgeman

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