blue footed booby by joey yawn

Sula nebouxii

Sula nebouxii


These boobies live off the western coasts of Central and South America. The Galápagos Islands population includes about half of all breeding pairs of blue-footed boobies.


Like other boobies, blue-foots nest on land at night. When day breaks, they take to the air in search of seafood, sometimes fishing in cooperative groups. They may fly far out to sea while keeping a keen eye out for schools of small fish, such as anchovies. When their prey is in sight, these seabirds utilize the physical adaptations that make them exceptional divers

physical description

They fold their long wings back around their streamlined bodies and plunge into the water from as high as 80 feet (24 meters). Blue-footed boobies can also dive from a sitting position on the water's surface.

breeding info

Blue-footed boobies also use their webbed feet to cover their young and keep them warm. When a typical brood of one to three chicks hatches, both parents feed and care for them.

spacial behavior/unique anatomy

Watching the Blue-Footed Booby on land is very entertaining. They are awkward when they walk and sway from side to side. This is why they aren’t on land very much at all. The majority of that time will be when they have young to care for. The males and the females can be very vocal. They tend to be loners with the exception of mating and caring for young. The males may give out loud whistles to get the attention of the females. The females often respond to tell the male that she is interested.

weird info

All half-dozen or so booby species are thought to take their name from the Spanish word "bobo." The term means "stupid," which is how early European colonists may have characterized these clumsy and unwary birds when they saw them on land—their least graceful environment.


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