Socks, Steel, and Shrapnal: 5 Key Items to Surviving the Trenches By: Brandon davidsen


In the trenches you may find that water ends up flooding the bottom and causing you troubles. The constant water around your feet will lead to trench foot, a disease which causes your feet to swell and go numb. This can be prevented though with frequent changing of dry socks. If you do this your feet will be dry long enough so trench foot wont get to you. Be careful though, socks are a rare commodity and should be kept if you happen to get an extra pair (InspirEd).

Steel Helmet

Shrapnel launched by the enemy is one of the most feared things in the battlefield (Apocalypse). To prevent these attacks from further harming soldiers, they created steel helmets. By wearing one of these, your chance of head related injuries are reduced by 75 percent as most shrapnel and other objects will be prevented from penetrating the helmet. This is different from prior hats since they were made of cloth and didn't protect against bullets (10).

Entrenching Tool

One of the most essential tools of the trenches is the entrenching tool. Without this, the protection and safety of the trenches are created by this tool. It can be used to quickly build a ditch, or a sprawling and complex trench system over time. Who knows, it can even save you in close quarters with the enemy as a last ditch attempt at protecting yourself. (10).

Gas Mask

Gas masks are an essential part of your survival kit. These masks will help counteract deadly gasses as they are combined with other chemicals that filter out the deadly poison. Without your gas mask with you, you'd be left wide open to attack via gas (10).



Back in the nineteenth century, clothing during wars was bright colored. If they were used against the highly accurate weapons of world War One, the wearers of the clothes would be an easy target for enemy fire. To combat this, soldiers wore one dull and muted earthy color so that they were harder to spot (10).

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