The Hitler Youth 1920-1945 By. Fredy g.

Who had been involved with the Hitler Youth?

Adolf hitler, of course was involved in it since he had made the group Asa sort of a Boy Scouts group but also to help eliminate enemies.

Also a few other people who were involved were Bauldur Van Schirach and Artur Axmann as they were both were leaders in different times of The Hitler Youth.

What is The Hitler Youth about?

Hitler had created it as his own army but of younger kids that were 17 or 18(if you were 18 and over you stayed in the Hitler Youth. They later had tried to organize a League of German Girls

Kurt Gruber was the first Hitler Youth leader assigned because he had impressed Hitler with his zeal and organational talent. He had renamed it from Gruber's Greater German Youth Movement to the Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth in 1926 when it all starts

When/Where did this all happen with The Hitler Youth?

It all started in 1920,in Germany, when Hitler had wanted to organize it with the National Socialists Workers Party, but Hitler had gotten arrested and couldn't go on with it. When he had gotten out of prison he had resumed the League he had wanted to make of The Youth League. All of it had taken place in Germany and places around it as by the end of 1933 the Hitler Youth Had 2,300,000 members.

In 1922 he had attracted very few people to the group, until he had gotten some help and support by magazines.

How/Why it is important to the Holocaust?

It had been important and mattered because Hitler who had plans to rule had created a Youth League to fight like on November 9, 1938 in one single night know as Kristallnacht which had destroyed 2000 or more Synagogues, and ransacking tens of thousands of Jewish homes and buissnesses their had been or had by Jewish people.

So Hitler still had in mind of killing Jews even though he had been assembling a Youth Group along with it , but had surrendered on 1945

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