Avon Grove Charter School News July 2020

AGCS Launches New Website

AGCS launches a new website in an effort to continue to provide ongoing communication with our school community! This new website design will help our school organize and disseminate information to our existing families and highlight our school community for prospective families interested in joining the AGCS family.

This launch is a “soft launch” as we continue to migrate content from our old site, monitor web formatting, and fix errors to improve the functionality of our website. Please be patient as we continue to move towards a “full launch” of the site in August.

With this new website, we will also be launching a new, comprehensive school mobile app at the beginning of the school year - more information to come.

AGCS is pleased to welcome Mrs. Lambert to the AGCS family as the Middle School Principal. She is joining us from Pequea Valley School District with experience that touches on all facets of education. She assumed roles as Assistant to the Principal, Special Education Consultant, Dean of Students and Virtual Program Coordinator. Mrs. Lambert is going to be a great addition to the Administrative Team. Mrs. Lambert will be reaching out to 7th-8th grade families over the summer months to formally introduce herself.
Senior Graduation will take place on Monday, July 13th at 7:00 Christian Life Center, 125 Saginaw Road, Lincoln University Please direct questions to Mrs. Joyce Smith at jsmith@agcharter.org

COVID-19 Preparing for 2020-2021

Visit the AGCS website for updates & resources from Administration.

Avon Grove Charter School is committed to ensuring the safety, security, and wellness of our students and staff. We remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In preparation for the coming school year, we are in continuous contact with the Chester County Health Department, Chester County Intermediate Unit, and a wide variety of other government, educational, and health agencies. We are working diligently this summer to develop plans for moving Forward Together safely, while providing an outstanding education for our students.

Grab N Go Meals Continue

We have breakfast & lunch meals prepared for children 18 & under. As you approach the State Road Campus, please look for volunteers to direct you.

Health Services Information

Health Services continues to support the AGCS community. Questions can be directed to the Nursing Department

Holly Verderame, RN, MSN, CSN hverderame@agcharter.org

Erica Bradshaw, MSN, RN, CSN ebradshaw@agcharter.orgS

Samantha Miller-Hall, RN, MSN, NCSN smillerhall@agcharter.org

AGCS parent, Rebecca Blevins, authored "The Coronasaurus", a glimpse into one child's perception of the 2020 world pandemic, the coronavirus. The story helps to encourage healthy conversations for families with children, while they navigate big emotions, adjusting to the new norms during the quarantine of COVID-19. Find her book on Amazon.com

Special Education Extended School Year

The first AGCS Virtual Extended School Year kicked off on June 29th. It was an exciting day for students and teachers. While virtual ESY was not in the original plans, the combination of a dedicated staff and technology has ensured a lifeline to continue instruction and personal connections for our teachers and students.

On Thursdays, there are special events and activities to honor our essential workers and community heroes. Students will have the opportunity to learn how police, doctors, nurses, food services, firefighters, and maintenance workers support us in very different ways, but each is vital for our communities to thrive.

We thank our teachers, reading interventionists, and behaviorist for continuing the support remote learning to ensure the maintenance of student skills. Classes range from phonics to math to positive action via Zoom. The students have adapted and become technologically savvy.

Reminder: Students have scheduled sessions in alignment with their IEP goals between the hours of 8:30 - 11:30 am Mon-Thurs.

Have ESY or Special Education questions? Contact Ryan Taylor (rtaylor@agcharter.org) or Caitlin Leonard (cleonard@agcharter.org)

Special Education Information & Resources

~Keep your skills sharp~

Summer Work is posted for incoming 1st through 12th grade students.

The AGCS Micro Farm continues to support local food banks with plenty of fresh eggs and produce. During the pandemic, the Micro Farm has donated 25 dozen eggs, 17 bags of spinach, 15 bags of lettuce, 8 bags of kale and more to help feed families impacted by Covid-19.

Board of Trustees Information

Board Meeting Recap

Head of School Report

AGCS COVID-19 Infographic

School Safety & Security

AGCS & Avon Grove School District are partnering together and sharing resources to provide school safety to our community.

Review the Safe Schools Report for 2019-2020 to learn more about AGCS's commitment to providing a safe and secure learning environment. Topics include:

  • Safety School Position
  • All Hazards Plan
  • Site Based Emergency Plan
  • Threat Assessment Team
  • Pennsylvania Youth Survey Participation (PAYS)
  • Student Assistance Programming (SAP) Team
  • School Safety and Security Training
  • Crisis Go
  • Facilities Update

Instructional Technology Coach Presentation

Mission is to "Form a partnership with teachers, the teaching & learning experts, in an effort to inspire, build capacity, and transform our collective practice with the ultimate goal of increased student growth."

Coaching Services Provided include:

  • Explore / Gather resources
  • Differentiation Support
  • Peer Observation
  • Model Instruction
  • Team Planning/ Teaching
  • Reflection
  • Technology Support
  • Data Converstation
  • Observation / Feedback
Fair Funding Update

It's time to move Charter School Funding Forward Together!

While we have all been going through an unprecedented time during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Pennsylvania Legislators are now back at work crafting state budgets and education policies that will directly impact your children. Avon Grove Charter School is asking that this summer students, parents and staff members use YOUR VOICE to connect with your legislators.
Digital & Paper Transportation Forms Due July 10th

AGCS requires that families provide an updated hard copy (Act372 Transportation form) & a digital form for all students on a yearly basis. Both digital form & hard copy form are required in order to secure transportation for the 2020-2021 school year.

If your district allows/requires any type of child-care information for alternative transportation you must also fill out the associated questions included in the form.

This process is for returning AGCS students. New students/kindergarten students for the 2020-2021 school year complete their forms as part of the registration paperwork process.


The Communications and Social Media team continues to leverage our social media platforms to keep our community connected and informed. Please continue to visit regularly the school website at


  • June 8th to Aug 7th Summer Hours 8:00 am - 2:00 pm (limited staff on Fridays)
  • July 9th 11:00 am Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • July 10th, 2020 District Transportation Forms Due
  • July 13th 11:00 am Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • July 13th 7:00 pm Senior Graduation, Christian Life Center, 125 Saginaw Road, Lincoln University, PA 19352
  • July 15th 11:00 am Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • July 20th 11:00 am Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • July 21st 7:30 PM - July Board of Trustees Meeting
  • July 22nd 11:00 am Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • July 27th 7:30 PM Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • July 29th 11:00 am Grab & Go Meals, State Road Campus
  • Aug 7th PIAA Fall Sports Physical Forms due