Brave New World Review By diego, VAlentina, Matthew, Jessica

  • Brave New World
  • By Aldous Huxley
  • Genre: Utopian, Science fiction
  • # of pages 259


"Happy Pills"

Twenty-five word statement

Brave New World features a Utopia with expense free vacations, law abiding citizens with free happy pills. Sell your soul and happiness will be yours...

Themes of the Novel

The first major theme present in the novel is to create a utopia where one's individuality and freedom is stripped and judgement is blurred.

Another theme is, without conflict, disaster, disharmony, true emotions would be irrelevant. People wouldn't be truly alive, and there wouldn't be gratification to give a purpose to feel happy or sad, only a happy facade of the world.

Huxley's writing style

Huxley's writing style derives the story being told in multiple perspectives. For example the beginning of the novel was mostly told in Bernard's perspective, some parts by Lenina, and at the climax and end was mostly about John's hardships. There really isn't a definite main character as all three are technically the main character, and also all three of the characters perspectives are written in third person. The entirety of the novel the characters thoughts and actions are described by a omniscient voice.

Relevance: Today's Society

In today's world this novel is relevant as a warning to the dangers of choosing to create a perfect Utopian society. It also shows how the technology has affected the world to make this Utopian society possible. And this society described in the novel is possible through today's genetic advancements and this book suggests against making this whole illusion a reality.

How the story could be compelling

The novel is sold to me due to the perfect society Huxley created that enforced the idea of equality to its inhabitants. On how those people act and react on those conditions of the society. And how being made equal isn't really the most psychologically stable mindset.

The Rating

  • Diego's rating: four out of five "it was an interesting premise but at times it was hard to follow and read"


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