Hosted by Clemson Recycling in partnership with Solid Green Club, EcoReps, CUSG, Clemson Athletics, Clemson Dining, Clemson Home, Inside Clemson, and Clemson Facilities.

Welcome to the 2018 fall semester Zero Waste Challenge!

The idea behind this challenge is to promote sustainable habits, and get you thinking about your current lifestyle. Are there things you could be doing to help Clemson be more sustainable?

Explanation of challenge

1. Each challenge task is worth the same number of points as its level (e.g. level 1 = 1 point).

2. Complete challenges by following us, posting a picture of you doing the task on social media, tagging us at @CURecycling on instagram and facebook or @CURecycle on twitter, and using our #ClemsonZWC hashtag. Challenges can be completed at any time and in any order.

3. Completed challenges earn points, and points add up to prizes! If you earn the points, you earn the prize - there is no participant limit or only one "winner". For the grand prizes however, there are limited quantities, so once they're gone they're gone!

Will you be the next Zero Waste Champion?

*Must be a Clemson student, faculty, or staff to participate.

Level 1 Challenges

Worth 1 point each

Skip the straw

Refill your water bottle at a campus water fountain refill station

Bring your own mug or tumbler

Have a zero waste meal

Bring your own reusable bag

Recycle at a recycling station on campus

Pick up litter and dispose of it properly

Show us how you recycle at home

Use reusable utensils instead of disposable ones

Find a compost bin on campus

Level 2 Challenges

Worth 2 points each

Recycle items at Kite Hill Recycling Center

Compost at Kite Hill Recycling Center

Share a zero waste tip

Visit our Solid Green table at an event

Attend a Solid Green event

Complete one of our surveys (you don't have to post about this one - we'll get your info when you take the survey)

Find our tailgating table at football and play a game

Incorporate one of our sustainable tailgating tips into your tailgate

Level 3 Challenges

Worth 3 points each

Incorporate more than one of our sustainable tailgating tips into your tailgate

Participate in our signage pilot

Share a way you go above and beyond to support zero waste/recycling/composting on campus

Level 4 Challenges

Worth 4 points each

Volunteer at a sustainability event (tailgating, recyclemania, etc) - you get points for each event you volunteer for! Watch our social media pages for upcoming events and comment or message us to volunteer.

Volunteer for waste sorting Sunday after football

Check our social media accounts for additional tasks that may be introduced during the challenge.

Points and Prizes!

Here are the current prizes - the prizes may change throughout the challenge based on availability and new donations. Participants can select one prize per point category.

1 point = #clemsonZWC and Solid Green stickers

3 points = Reusable utensils, reusable straw, plant starter kit, cold drink tumbler, water bottle, koozie, $10 Gotta Run Clemson coupon, or...

5 pts = Reusable utensils, reusable straw, plant starter kit, cold drink tumbler, water bottle, koozie, $10 Gotta Run Clemson coupon, $5 Groucho's Deli gift card, $5 Moe Joe Coffee Co. gift card, Coca Cola t-shirt, t-shirt from Greek Gallery, or...

10 pts = Solid Green t-shirt, $10 Frutta Bowl gift card, or...

15 pts = Stainless steel Solid Green travel mug and social media feature

20 pts = ZWC sweatshirt and social media feature

35 pts = Nike football signed by Coach Swinney, or...other awesome things

Special thanks to Greek Gallery Knickerbocker, Frutta Bowls, Moe Joe Coffee Co., and Groucho's Deli for donating giveaways. We appreciate your support!


If you'd like to create a competition between departments, groups, sororities/fraternities, individuals, etc., let us know and we'll track all the scores for you!



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