Sarah Church


Movies and TV shows give me joy because when I think about all of the art and effort that people put into making these amazing pieces of work for people to enjoy, it makes me want to contribute. There are so many different feelings that people get from watching these, so many positive messages that they bring, and it takes me to another world and provides an escape for me when things get difficult.

Spending Time With Loved Ones gives me joy because I love having fun with people that are close to me. It always reminds me that I am loved.

Taking Photos gives be joy because one picture can tell a story. This picture that I took reminds me of life and happiness, and someday I want to take pictures that can bring people so much emotion just by looking at them.


Seeing People Defend other People gives me hope because it makes me believe that there is still good in humanity, and it convinces me that people still care about others besides themselves.

Seeing random acts of kindness gives me hope because the fact that people are kind enough to do little things for people every day reminds me that the world isn’t all bad.

GMH(gives me hope) stories give me hope because hearing about the generous and touching things that people do for each other warms my heart to the point where I want to do something every day to help people.


LGBT Pride gives me pride because it makes me proud to be who I am, and it makes me not be afraid to be myself in public. Pride reminds me that others are like me and that I am not alone.

Performing a great performance gives me pride because I know that I practiced really hard to play great, and I did. It makes me proud to say that I’ve worked hard to do something that I wanted to accomplish.

Reading Empowering Stories gives me pride because it makes me proud of the person who the story was about, and it makes me proud of the author for giving the world something amazing to read and experience.


Hate gives me pause because it worries me to think that someone could see me holding hands with a girl and do something terrible in the future, or if not to me, to the girl I’m holding hands with, or to someone I love

Lack Of Mental Disorder Recognition In Schools gives me pause because so many people suffer from a mental disorder like anxiety or depression, sometimes involving school. Sometimes they’re left to figure it out on their own because no one talks about it, so they have no idea what's going on. I hate to think that friends of that person step back and don't help because of lack of education on the subject.

Bullying gives me pause because if someone is going through a tough time, they don’t have the same skin color or religion as you, or they don't agree with your lifestyle, that doesn't give anyone the right to bully someone. That thought is always picking its way through my mind.


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