Tour of the Harn By: Amanda Rosenberg

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The art piece above is "Female Figure" given to the Harn by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Needham. I chose this art piece because of the intricate details it had. Seeing a piece of art online would be acceptable to me if it was a two dimensional piece of art, but it is hard to get the full experience of a three dimensional object online. The artist used clay and carved intricate flowers all around a woman's body. I believe this piece of art work symbolizes the virginity of a woman with using the flowers as clothes for the woman. Each flower is the same and has the same exact detailed designs. I found it striking that the artist added vines between the flowers and that the small details really make the art that much better. The artwork made me feel as if I could relate to it. All through my life, I have learned about women and their virginity to be represented with flowers, so I was intrigued to make this connection.

Design of the Museum

This picture is taken in the Design-ceramics area of the Harn. It is also known as, "avenues of exchange." I chose this area because the wood made the artwork pop. This area is covered in dark wood from the floors to the walls, while most the artwork in it is white or light colored. This exhibit is so appealing to me because it is simply beautiful. There are many decorative plates and pots that are painted in detail. There is also shelves of horses that are light colored. The light color of the objects definitely makes them pop, but also the lighting in the room accentuates each object because there is a stream of light on each section of artwork. This exhibit makes me feel content because it is aesthetically pleasing.

Art and Core Values

"Three girls holding hands, Sertao da ParaĆ­ba, Brazil" by SebastiĆ£o Salgado is a picture capturing the lives of three young girls growing up in poverty. This picture had a profound effect on me because I know I have grown up in a privileged home and seeing others that have not upsets me. One of my core values is "caring" and I believe that is why this artwork appeals to me. I hope to help people out of poverty one day and maybe even start a charity. Salgado created this picture to bring this problem to the world and bring attention to these issues. This artwork makes me upset and happy at the same time. I am upset looking at these girls faces, but happy knowing that this picture is for a good cause and brings attention to people that are born into poverty and live in rural Latin America. This artwork most definitely makes me cherish my life and makes me realize how fortunate I am.

Art and the Good Life

This picture is called "You're seeing less than half the picture," which is also what the printing says on this picture. This photo appealed to me instantly because I read what it said and realized I was doing just what I read. I believe this relates to the people and world around me. People chose what they want to see and simply ignore things that don't affect them or that they don't want to deal with. These people are only seeing half the picture. I believe the good life is being open to everyone's ideas and embodying everything each person has to say. This picture communicates the good life by telling people to see the whole picture and look outside the lines and take risks in life.

These pictures are all my own photographs.

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