Frosty's Winter Wonder Games Kodey, Maddie, Brance, Isabelle

Welcome to Frosty's Winter Wonder Games. One full week of various winter games. Those include: Snowball Wars, Ice Bowling, Snowman Contest, Sled Races, and Hot Chocolate Chugging Competition.


You divide into teams of 8. You get 20 minutes to build a fort and prepare for the war. The rules are: If you catch the snowball you get a point for your team, if you hit someone else you get a point also. If you get hit twice your out. You are ranked from the amount of points you get. Top 2 teams left rematch and play for the ultimate golden snowball trophy.


You will divide into teams of two. The scoring is just like regular bowling. The rules: Arms and and legs must stay in the sled, no redirecting yourself. The person pushing the player down down the hill must stay behind a red line. Objective: Knock down as many pins as you can with one try per turn. Winner gets a clear bluetooth bowling ball that changes colors when playing music.


You will divide in teams of four. You get one hour to build a snowman to your best capabilities. Rule: Must be at least 4 feet and 6 inches. Must be creative and have three sections, no copying! Note- Make the balls as round as you can.


Every person for themselves. Each race there will be seven people at a time. Rules: No pushing or kicking other people, miss conduct will lead to disqualification. You may run into them. Winner of each round will proceed to the final round which will give you the chance to win a pet penguin.


Each person will have a half gallon of hot chocolate. The drink will not be hot enough to burn you. Rules: If you spill on purpose or dump it out, you will get a new jug to start over with. You win as soon as you finish your jug, but if you do throw up within 5 minutes, the next person wins. No bumping other people so they choke or spill. You can make people laugh as long as you don't spill.


Created with images by 422737 - "snow man snowmen family" • Nadya Peek - "Sledding!" • Andrea Goh - "lavender hot chocolate"

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