Drugs Why do people abuse drugs?

In 2010 about 230 million people got addicted to drugs. They weren't planing on getting addicted, most people who take drugs always end up getting addicted to where drugs are the most important thing in their life.

Many famous athletes and singers have died by overdosing on drugs. Not all drugs are bad,there are drugs that are good for you to. Like the drugs that doctors prescribe you when you are sick.

Most people start to take drugs by going to a party and all of their friends are doing it and they feel like they are the only person that isn't doing it and they don't want to be left out. After they start to take it i when there addiction starts.

There are also some other drugs that when people use them their mind starts hallucinating. Some drugs affect the functioning of the body. Other drugs affect people's minds making them hallucinating to the point where everyone thinks they are crazy.

People just don't get that drugs can be addictive after you take them once that you won't ever be able to stop. Some drugs can be good for you when you really need them like the drugs that they use in medicine. When you overdose on any type of drugs it can be really bad for your body.


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