Five Ways to attain your goals for the New Year By : Kamryn Baldenebro

Almost everyone sets goals for themselves at the beginning of each new year. Here are five ways to keep them in place throughout this year.


For goals of organization or to help with procrastination, a way to keep in line is writing in a journal. Writing things down can help you remember and visualize what you want to get done.


Set Alarms

Another option can be setting alarms. Constant reminders from something like an alarm can get you up and ready to do whatever your goal is.

Tell a friend or family member

Support from the people you care about the most can help and motivate you to complete and work towards your goals. Friends can be a great way to get goals done since they are there to motivate you.

Choose goals that you want to accomplish

Making goals that you want to work towards and want eager to accomplish can help you with getting them done. Goals that you aren't passionate about are going to be harder to work towards than others.

Reward yourself for achieving your goals

Knowing that you can get something positive out of getting goals done can motivate you to continue.


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