6 principles of the U:S Constitution. (tips for citizenship)


These 6 principles of the constitution that our country has made greatly helped our economy and stabled our country's power.


Popular sovereighnty is a way that the U:S constitution used to maintain a stable power. The way they do this is by having all the goverments power come from the peoples opinion and choice. They also promote general welfare to maintain a steady and light powerd economy so it wont lead to an over powering country.


They limit the government because it prevents the government from coming too powerful. With having the government being too powerful it would make other countries try to have competition and could lead to war. They also made it so the government has to obey the law just as an everyday civilian would.


Checks and balances were apart of the U.S constitution and had apart in limitation to keep our country stable. They made it so if any civil officers, vice president, and president removed if caught bribery or committing a financial crime.


Next Federalism was apart of the US constitution by having the authority issue the elections on whether to have vaccines or not. They also made it so no title of nobility shall be granted from the U.S. For example the U.S cannot make someone into a prince or knight.


Separation of powers also helped the economy by raising money for laws and the house of representatives. They also separated it by making 3 branches of powers, executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. This made the power of our economy stable.


Finally, representative helped the US constitution by making it so people under the age of 25 cant be elected into the house of representatives. They also made it that you have to have had been a citizen of the untied states for more then 7 years.


1. What factors would change if they someone with history of bribery and criminal actions run for the hose of represenatives

2. Who's opinion matters when voting for a new president?

3. Predict what would happen if we dident have a vote on whether to have vaccines or not.

4. how would you explain the limitation of the government?

5. What is the purpose to have these limitations in our constitution?

6. If there was no limitations what would happen to our country?

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