6 Books to Read When You Turn 13 The top books every middle schooler should read

1. Harry Potter

This one's obvious. Every middle schooler has at least heard of the magic of Hogwarts and the Boy Who Lived- if you haven't read this series, pick it up; and if you already have, pick it up anyway.

2. The Mysterious Benedict Society

This trilogy is brilliantly written and clever beyond belief. Logic, adventure, and an incredible plot makes these books some of the best. And even though they're written for young teenagers, adults will enjoy them as well.

3. The Book Thief

Whether you are 13 or 30, this book will soon become one of your favorites. Markuss Zusak is one of the most talented writers of this time, and he pours everything into The Book Thief. Set in Nazi Germany and narrated by Death, it's definitely a tearjerker, but the magical characters balance the story perfectly.

4. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is the classic trilogy sequel to The Hobbit. The world of the Shire and beyond is richly imagined and painted so clearly it seems real. Adventure abounds and suspense leaves you biting your nails. You won't be able to put it down.

5. Percy Jackson

This is one that everyone will enjoy. Rick Riordan's quirky humor and ability to write from a teenage point of view is part of what makes this book so popular. The other half is a strange but wonderful combination of mythology, modern day, adventure, and mystery.

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

Like The Lord of the Rings, this is an old series that is still just as popular today. The fantastical world of Narnia is so appealing that for years after you read it, you'll be peering into the back of your closet, wondering if just maybe there's a secret portal hidden behind all those clothes.


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